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Papunya Tjupi Artwork - Doris Bush Nungarrayi - 28-18


This is a memory from Doris' past. Doris talks of the times when she was a young girl in the bush, swimming and hunting with her friends at Ikuntji (Haasts Bluff). She talks of sand hills where the young people would wander naked looking for water, "chasing" the water until they found a water hole. The young men and women would swim together and make love by the water hole. Eventually, Doris explains, the young people fall in love and are married.

Doris is remembering the traditional tools and weapons that were used by her and her friends in the bush. Doris depicts Kali (boomerang), wana (digging stick), puli (grinding stone), kutitji (shield), kulata (spear) and kantikanti (hitting stick).

Papunya Tjupi Arts is an Aboriginal owned, community-based enterprise, representing over 100 artists. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and skills to foster self-determination and cultural development. This is done through arts practice, community activities, meaningful employment and training opportunities. All proceeds are split between the artists and the funding of further community projects.

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Artist: Doris Bush Nungarrayi
Title: Wilinyi Ikuntji (Hunting at Haasts Bluff)  

Dimensions: 122 x 91cm
Materials: Acrylic on Linen

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