Brolga dining tableBrolga dining table


Brolga dining table

Starting from  $4,000
Disc tableDisc table


Disc table

Starting from  $1,020
HB tableHB table


HB table

Starting from  $6,150
Maudan tableMaudan table


Maudan table

Starting from  $5,950
AC tableAC table


AC table

Starting from  $4,650
Jim outdoor circle tableJim outdoor circle table


Jim outdoor circle table

Starting from  $1,380
Jim outdoor pill tableJim outdoor pill table


Jim outdoor pill table

Starting from  $2,370
Mika tableMika table


Mika table

Starting from  $6,400
Patonga tablePatonga table


Patonga table

Starting from  $5,180
Slim tableSlim table


Slim table

Starting from  $1,270
Stirrup outdoor tableStirrup outdoor table


Stirrup outdoor table

Starting from  $5,082
Stirrup tableStirrup table


Stirrup table

Starting from  $4,600
PBS TablePBS Table


PBS Table

Starting from  $1,680
String tableString table


String table

Starting from  $5,640

Family, life, and laughter revolve around the dining table, and we have just the right one for you. Koskela designs and crafts dining tables in Australia for all kinds of uses and applications in homes, outdoor spaces, and other areas.

We also build custom dining tables made to client specifications down to the last millimetre, with bespoke finishing as desired. Our quest for quality contemporary furniture designs spills over into other furniture designs resulting in a family of fresh, exciting lifestyle furniture and other homewares

Tables That Hold Everything Up

In design terms, dining tables hold everything together. Together with the chairs, it forms the unmistakable centre of the room, which makes it a fertile ground to grow your creative design. If you’re furnishing an indoor or outdoor area with dining tables, Koskela is sure to help you fill things up.

Not only that, but our table collection brings you a mind-blowing range of designs, concepts, and options to fit every other space. 

Elegant Furniture for Contemporary Thinking

Tables alone won’t hold up your vision of a genuinely contemporary furnishing concept. You also need lifestyle items to fill or otherwise open up the rest of the space. Koskela has you covered on that as well as we bring you some of the best rugs to complement the new furnishings and cover it all up in warmth and character. 

Shop Dining Tables Australia

Our range of dining tables is designed and crafted by top Australian craftsmen using the best quality, eco-safe, and sustainable materials we can. It allows us to bring you guilt-free tables you can be proud of for years, with each of our tables coming with a 7-year warranty under conditions of regular use.

At Koskela, our dining tables are anything but standard, but if you have unique needs and desires, we invite you to get in touch with us and let us build you the custom dining table you envision.

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