Boowambillee Coffee TableBoowambillee Coffee Table
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Boowambillee Coffee Table

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Stilt Small Coffee TableStilt Small Coffee Table
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Stilt Small Coffee Table

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Laptop Side Table / Laptop StandLaptop Side Table / Laptop Stand
Australian Made

Side Tables

With the right side tables, you can add an undeniable touch of creative genius to any room. A beautiful side table placed next to a sofa, couch, or bed is just what you need to transform the room from being conventional to personal.

Apart from their aesthetics, side tables are very functional as well. Beside a sofa, they can be used to hold phones, books, magazines, or remotes. Placed in a corner, a vase of flowers or rare vase makes them a piece of art. They are even placed between other furniture such as sofas to break the monotony, where they are known as accent tables.

Get Inventive With Koskela Side Tables

The power of a beautiful side table to completely transform into a room is unmatched. Rather than steal attention the way a unique sofa would, it highlights and forms a backdrop for the whole place to come into prominence. In other words, side tables are our favourite of lifestyle furnishings because of their versatility.

If your home is getting boring, pick up a side table to stir things up. With it, get a Koskela rug to add colour and texture and use them to swap things about, and we guarantee a touch of freshness will be restored.

Custom Side Table Designs to Suit Every Need

Everyone needs a side table, and the number of uses you can put it is unlimited. And if your tastes are somewhat more unique that is accommodated on our full collection of tables; we are happy to create you uniquely inspired side tables or any other table for that matter.

Buy Side Tables Australia for Countrywide Delivery

All Koskela furniture is designed and crafted here in Australia. We stick to top-quality, eco-friendly and non-toxic materials for all our furniture while making sure to comply with Australian standards. 

Whenever you buy Koskela furniture, you help to support Australian businesses not only those who work for us but our supply chain as well. This chain includes our countrywide delivery systems that ensure you can shop Koskela from anywhere in the land.

Do you have any questions? Get in touch today, and we will connect you with the right person in our team.

Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®

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