Our Warranty

At the core of Koskela’s enviro conscious policy is our commitment to make high quality products, that last for years and can be repaired if something goes wrong. Our products are designed to the highest standards of quality and functionality. While we believe our furniture will last as long as possible, if something does go wrong, we are here to help.

As a manufacturer/supplier, we understand that corporate social and environmental responsibility goes beyond the point of sale and warranty periods. We start by producing high quality long‐lasting furniture and providing clients with a seven‐year warranty against defect.

Our goal is to maximise the overall life of the product as much as possible to begin with. As part of our product stewardship approach, product to landfill, is the least desirable option and all efforts to avoid this, will be made. This is followed by initiatives that enable us to give second and third lives to our items. In conjunction with our manufacturing partners and suppliers we will take back all products to be recycled.

The following alternatives to landfill have been implemented:

  • Refurbishment and re‐upholstery of furniture products for reuse or resale to new customers, as part of a ‘second life collection’;
  • donation of furniture in existing condition to charity organisations;
  • disassembly of products for materials recycling by approved local operators.

Koskela uses an adaptive approach to ensure that all our policies are ongoing, evolving processes and our product stewardship is no exception: we are committed to refining, improving and expanding our product stewardship in order to provide life‐cycle management solutions that are both environmentally sound and cost‐effective to our clients.

7 Year Warranty

Product Stewardship