Welcome to Koskela ReHome

Trade in, repair or buy pre-loved Koskela pieces.

We’re committed to a circular economy. Our aim is simple: no product we put on the market should ever end up in landfill.

We believe the best way to minimise waste is buying things that last and keeping them forever. It’s why our products are designed to last a lifetime. But we know needs and circumstances change. 

Our ReHome program lets you trade in, repair or buy pre-loved Koskela furniture so it can continue to be cherished for decades to come.

Here’s how it works

Return your Koskela Furniture


No matter its age or condition, if you no longer need your Koskela furniture, you can trade it in for a store credit (up to 30% of the retail price) to use towards your next purchase.

We will repair your Koskela Furniture


Through our existing repair service in Sydney, we carefully inspect, repair and restore all of the pre-loved pieces we receive, returning them to a state of radiance.

Good as (almost) new.

We will resell your Koskela Furniture


The one-of-a-kind restored pieces are then listed on ReHome at a lower price point, so they can find a second (or third, or fourth) useful life with new owners. If the piece is beyond repair, we’ll recycle its materials as a last resort.

Just added products

From pre-loved to re-loved


We’ll fix your furniture locally to give it the long life it deserves.

Repair is built into the DNA of every product we design. Because we manufacture everything in Australia, spare parts are always close to hand. Any wear and tear can be fixed by a local maker, giving your product a whole new lease on life. The planet (and your hip pocket) will thank you.

Top Questions about Koskela ReHome

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