Floor Rugs at Koskela

Koskela is a destination for contemporary floor rugs in Sydney and can offer virtual consultations for interstate customers. We offer six distinctive floor rug brands, five of which are exclusive to Koskela in Australia.  

Koskela’s purpose is to transform the spaces in which we live, for good. We believe good design is transformative and helps us live in a more inspiring and fulfilling way. And that sense of transformation extends to the designers and communities we support and collaborate with. So, regarding floor rugs, we have searched tirelessly for brands that align with our values and benefit the craftspeople who keep the weaving tradition alive, and work so skilfully to produce these magic carpets. You can read more about the floor rug brands Koskela offers below.

Why shop with us

Knowledgeable staff

Koskela employs consultants with design credentials who have the skills to think about the bigger interior picture, and work to your requirements. Our consultants train with the founder of each rug brand we stock, to learn about its story and provenance, materials and pile type. They take this information, and combine it with their design expertise, to advise you on the best floor rug for you and your home.

Store open 6 days a week

Koskela’s store is open six days a week with the full range of floor rugs on display here. We’re based at Sub Base Platypus in North Sydney, which is easy to get to by public transport or there is plenty of car parking available. From Monday to Saturday, 10am-4pm, our doors are open for you to come see the floor rugs in person, to get a sense of the scale, as well as the colour and texture.

Home visits available

If you can’t get to the Koskela store, but you are based in Sydney, we can come to you! Koskela has samples of the styles we have available for each floor rug brand, and we will bring them along for the ride. By visiting your home, our consultants will get a better sense of your space and style to match you with the right floor rug.

24-hour floor rug loans

Again, if you live in Sydney, we can loan you a floor rug overnight. This is a great option if you are in the final consideration phase; nothing beats seeing the floor rug in your space to help you decide if it’s the one. To organise a rug loan, you just need to speak to one of our consultants either in store, or if they visit your home.

Interstate consultations

For those of you living interstate, we can still advise on floor rugs. Our full range is available to browse and buy online. If you need a helping hand, we recommend booking a virtual consultation, which can be a phone call, or a facetime call so we can show you more detail of the floor rugs.

How to get started

Explore Koskela’s floor rugs by brand


Tantuvi designs contemporary floor rugs that are bought to life through mindful collaboration with 7th generation master weavers in Northern India. The tradition of making flat weave floor rugs was started 400 years ago by their nomadic ancestors who needed ultra-durable tent flooring. Tantuvi founder, Arati Rao, recognised these skills could be used to create beautiful, hardwearing floor rugs for modern homes, and supports the weavers to continue their craft.

The weavers that make Tantuvi’s rugs use panja hand looms that achieve a much tighter weave resulting in unparalleled longevity. Koskela stocks the hemp version of Tantuvi’s rugs. Hemp is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to mould and mildew, so these rugs can also be used in waterproof and covered outdoor areas.

Exclusive to Koskela in Australia.

Sera Helsinki

Koskela stocks the flat-weave version of these rugs, crafted from wool. These rugs are designed in Scandinavia and woven in Ethiopia. No chemicals are used to process or dye the wool, and so the floor rugs are a completely natural product that lend a cosy authenticity to spaces. 

“Nothing about us without us” is the guiding principle of Sera Helsinki, who seek to include persons with disabilities in all levels of business and decision-making. Their goal is to make society more inclusive for people with disabilities and work on the grassroots level with vulnerable groups. You can read more about their impact here. 

Exclusive to Koskela in Australia. 


‘Rrres’ is a name that means nothing, an impactful metaphor for the design studio based in Oaxaca, Mexico, which heroes the artisan makers over the value of branding and logos.

Rrres partners with Oaxaca weavers to combine traditional Zapotec weaving with contemporary designs to embody the culture and heritage of Latin America. The 100 percent wool floor rugs are handmade by these artisan weavers, undergoing a lengthy process of washing, dyeing, shuttling, weaving and finally cleaning the rugs to create quality woven pieces of art for your floors.

Exclusive to Koskela in Australia.


Pampa is a Byron Bay-based brand, with the floor rugs woven in Argentina. In many parts of Argentina, natural dyes, patterns inspired by nature and the traditions of manual weaving are slowly fading away. Pampa was founded with the desire to support protect this woven heritage, working directly with the artisans and supporting them with higher-than-average wages for the region to produce high quality and long-lasting floor rugs.

Pampa floor rugs are incredibly soft, made from 100 percent raw sheep and llama’s wool. The artisans weave with the hand-dyed yarns on their own crafted wooden looms in their backyards, a single rug can take over several weeks to be finished.

Koskela stocks a range of ready-to-ship Pampa rugs, but we can also facilitate custom Pampa rugs, which are available in a vast range of colours and sizes.

Begüm Cânâ Özgür

A flatweave floor rug collection crafted from wool. Designer Begüm Cânâ Özgür seeks to reinvigorate the practice of rug weaving in Anatolia, Turkey. This region has a history and culture of nomadic rug weaving that is slowly being lost. The eponymous brand works with women weavers from around the villages of Anatolia, providing an income that supports traditional crafts. 

The contemporary floor rugs have a corduroy-like texture and a simple graphic design in colours that bring a unique yet earthy feeling to the interior. 

Exclusive to Koskela in Australia. 

Begüm Cânâ Özgür floor rugs are arriving at Koskela in September.

Mini Knots

The cutest floor rugs for kids. Each one is unique, and the whimsical designs are inspired by nature, dreams, or childhood games. The brand encourages the owner to make up their own stories, as these beautifully crafted floor rugs are intended to be an heirloom piece. 

Mini Knots floor rugs are handwoven, and hand knotted simultaneously on traditional looms in the Anatolian region of Turkey. Like Begüm Cânâ Özgür, the founder is Turkish and dedicated to preserving the craft of rug weaving in the Anatolian region by providing the women weavers with a viable income. 

Exclusive to Koskela in Australia. 

Shop Koskela's Floor Rugs by Size

Size is probably the most important factor when buying a floor rug. If you have done the measurements, and know what size floor rug you need, we have made it easy to shop by size: 

There is an art to choosing the right size floor rug for your space. Koskela’s is working on a comprehensive floor rug size guide to make it easy for you. In the meantime, talk to one of Koskela’s consultants, who have the knowledge and experience to advise you on the perfect fit. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I have a sample?  

Koskela is a sustainable brand that minimises waste, and therefore does not give away samples. We can however loan samples. If you arrange a house visit, we can bring them to you. If you pop in store, we can loan you samples or a floor rug for 24 hours. If you live interstate, contact customer service and we will see what we can do to loan you samples. 

What floor rugs do you have in stock?  

We have stock for all our floor rug brands. What is visible on the website is in-stock and can be dispatched the next day.  

Do your rugs have a warranty?  

Floor rugs are not warranted against wear and tear. If major defects occur within 7 years, Koskela will liaise with the rug brand to repair or replace the floor rug. 

Do you work with interstate / overseas customers? 

We work with interstate customers, especially because most rug brands Koskela’s stocks are exclusive to us in Australia. We are also open to with overseas customers, however it may be more economical for you to purchase a floor rug from the brand directly (excluding Pampa). 

Do you ship internationally? 

If you contact customer service, we can arrange a shipping quote. However, it may be more economical for you to purchase a floor rug from the brand directly (excluding Pampa). 

How do I make an appointment? 

You can have a dedicated floor rug appointment with our knowledgeable consultants in store or at home if you live in Sydney, or virtually if you live interstate. You can book online or call the store on (02) 9280 0999. 

Are some rugs more suitable for high traffic areas? 

Koskela only stocks flat weave floor rugs because these are the most suitable for family life. All our floor rugs brands are made from wool, except for Tantuvi, which we stock in hemp. For most situations, wool is incredibly durable and can handle high traffic. However, if you have five rambunctious young kids or two enormous Grant Danes, or the equivalent, we recommend Tantuvi’s hemp rugs. 

Where are your rugs made?  

Koskela floor rugs brands are procured from across the globe: 

  • Begüm Cânâ Özgür - designed in New York and produced in Anatolia, Turkey
  • Mini Knots – designed in Turkey and produced in Anatolia, Turkey
  • Pampa – designed in Byron Bay and produced in Argentina
  • Rrres – designed and produced in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Sera Helsinki – designed in Scandinavia and produced in Ethopia
  • Tantuvi – designed in New York and produced in India 

Are your rugs fair trade and child-labour free?  

Yes. Koskela has searched tirelessly for floor rug brands that align with our values and socially, culturally and economically benefit the craftspeople that weave them. 

What about sustainability?  

All the floor rugs Koskela stocks are made from natural and renewable materials. We partner with reputable brands prized for their quality, and with a little care, these woven works of art can last for generations. 

What carpet is best for asthma / allergy sufferers 

Wool; this fibre has natural hypo-allergenic qualities and absorbs air-borne contaminants.