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Social Impact

Social impact lamps are made through weaving techniques that have been handed down from generation to generation amongst indigenous people. These types of projects have made it possible to involve the First Nation People of Australia by creating outstanding collections of indigenous lamps from around the country. 

The basis of social impact lighting designs is the prospect of effecting social change while acknowledging and celebrating the unique culture of indigenous people. These ongoing collaborations have led to the development of amazing lighting and installation products that are influenced by culturally significant design objects and features.

Timeless Artistry

Lighting is often regarded as an unexpected and recent home accessory because it was initially introduced as a functional component rather than an aesthetic one. With social impact lamps, more emphasis is being placed on the enduring nature of humans and woven materials. These indigenous lamps help to bring an artisan and handmade feel to contemporary interiors.

Various natural materials ranging from abaca to bamboo are creatively used to create an array of magnificent lighting solutions. The unique glow and organic shapes of social impact lamps are certainly a sight to behold through the lighting that is provided by these woven artifacts. 

Lighting for a Purpose

There is a lot to choose from when exploring the world of indigenous lamps that include beautiful, woven and crafted pendants for the home. These designs are all about celebrating the naturally occurring forms of life.

They are striking as background pieces that seamlessly fit into daily life. Simplicity enables this kind of woven lighting to truly glow within the home. Make an impact with one or more of these lights hanging above a table.


Social impact lamps focus on the importance of sustainability when designing products. Each item is made impeccably while offering a unique appeal that can be appreciated globally. The pendants are woven for an airy and light effect. They are suitable for modern spaces that require a warm tone.