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Neve Folding Kids Desk

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An office desk is a piece of crucial furniture in your office – a custom desk can serve as a surface to do your assignment, invite and meet your customers, or host a discussion. Enhance your work environment at home or in the office with Koskela’s luxury, elegantly designed work desk pieces. 

Create an alluring workspace with our flexible work from home desks

Whether you want to create a workspace in your home or you are looking forward to introducing a temporary space in your office for a group discussion, presentation, or a little talk with your employee and customers, you can utilise work desk furniture to bring the space to life. 

Our folding desk bundle offers you an exciting space with comfortable chairs. It’s ideal for setting up office spaces within your home if you plan to work from your house. You may also use a folding desk bundle to bring up a temporary space in an open environment within your company. Our PBS desk makes a good furniture piece if you live in a small apartment or if you have limited space in your office. 

Versatile work desks 

You don’t need a work desk for your office only, you can utilise your office desk as a working surface when you are in your home. After you have used the office desk for work-related tasks, you can still use it for other purposes in your home. 

In the office, you could use a work desk to create a centrepiece that forms the focal point of the space. You can place flower vases on the desk or even display your new products, place magazines, and turn it to a discussion table when you have meetings with your employees. 

Buy a custom desk and pair it up with task chairs. You can use the desk to create an extra meeting table at the workplace. An office desk is an essential workplace accessory that you want to miss in your office or at home. 

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Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®

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