Our range of ceramic plates and bowls are handmade by Australian ceramicists with stoneware clay making each piece unique. Browse our collection of dinnerware now!

Everybody needs a good set of plates and bowls in their kitchen. But having ones that have been lovingly handmade can make any meal just that little bit more special and enjoyable. Here at Koskela, we have a huge assortment of gorgeous handmade ceramic plates and ceramic bowls in a range of natural tones and beautiful hues to light up your kitchen cupboards. 

Bring art to your kitchen with ceramic plates and bowls 

All of our ceramic plates and ceramic bowls are 100% handmade by Australian artisans using premium quality clay materials. Each piece you buy will be slightly unique because they are all individually and intricately made and hand-crafted by the ceramicists we source. Although there might be slight differences between each piece, we promise that they will complement each other, and any other kitchenware from our collection, beautifully. 

Ceramic plates and ceramic bowls - diverse and elegant 

We have a full range of ceramic plates and ceramic bowls for any occasion. They’re ideal for when you’re wining and dining guests and we also have a gorgeous selection of side plates that are perfect for any dinner party. Because our handmade ceramic bowls and plates are so beautiful, they can even be used as ornamental pieces in any part of your home. 

High-quality ceramic plates and bowls

The quality of the clay used in our ceramics means that they are of an exceptionally high standard. Ceramic materials are both shock and scratch resistant, therefore making them much stronger and long-lasting. All of our ceramic plates and ceramic bowls are also carefully glazed to ensure that they are easy to clean and as a result completely hygienic. 

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Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®.

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