Koskela Work

Arriving soon to the Koskela website is Koskela Work, our range of Australian designed and made furniture for workplaces and tertiary environments. If you are an architect, interior designer or represent a business, please visit our Contract website. If you would like to know more about Koskela Work, chat to our expert consultants.

Change Making

Made in Australia

When Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky founded Koskela in 2000 they were determined to make and source products within Australia, a decision considered risky at a time when manufacturing in Australia was declining and moving offshore.

We believe the benefits of manufacturing locally far outweigh the costs.

Koskela has worked with several of our makers for over 20 years, the close connection allows our business to be more dynamic and innovative.

In addition we can customise our products to suit your needs, we can deliver to you faster and emit less freight emissions, we have assurances about the labour conditions, we can easily implement more efficient materials and processes while still maintaining quality, and we safeguard jobs in the design, art, and manufacturing industries.

Business as a force for good.™

Certified B Corporation®

Koskela strives to make the world a better place through the way we treat our staff; help the community, govern ourselves; improve the environment; and make customers’ lives better.

Talk to us!

Koskela’s consultants are experts in commercial furniture and design. The company has 21 years’ experience delivering world-class workplace and tertiary environments. Chat to us about your needs, we’re here to help.