Morning 2 (50cm x 50cm)
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Adding a unique touch of personality and tying together different pieces of furniture in a room, decorating your home with wall art creates a thoughtful, enriched environment. 

Featuring a wide range of art from all around the country, Koskela stocks Aboringal bark art, paintings, prints, sculptures and weavings. Browse our range of artwork online and find the perfect creations for your home. 

Tie your room together with the right artwork

Many people spend months deciding on the perfect furniture, lighting and decor for each room in their house, only to forget about or rush the decisions around choosing artwork. Complimenting your colour schemes and highlighting the style of your decor, wall art and sculptures are essential for tying everything together and completing the look of every room. Whether you’ve created contemporary, minimalist or traditional spaces, Koskela has a wide range of artwork online from various artists to suit your home. 

Wall art that speaks to your unique taste

Before deciding on the artwork for your home, consider the type of tone you’re aiming to create. For a casual feeling opt for bright, light and colourful wall art and for a more formal atmosphere, art with darker colours and sharp lines is really effective. 

In addition to the colour and shapes in your wall art, the size of the piece can have an effect on the feeling of your room. As a rule of thumb, a single large work of art can make a small room feel bigger while many smaller pieces can make it appear cluttered. Keep this in mind when choosing unique pieces from our artwork online. 

Browse our range of Australian artwork online

Whatever your personal preference and existing decor scheme, Koskela’s wide range of Australian artwork has been thoughtfully curated to include various traditional and contemporary pieces. 

For information about our unique range of artwork, shipping or delivery, please contact us online today.

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