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Koskela designs beautiful and original tables to suit all types of spaces, whether in homes, schools, offices, or any other place that needs an expression of freedom and openness.

Bespoke Tables With a Modern Touch

We design and build custom tables to suit the unique needs of our customers. By redefining furniture, we break the traditional notions of what is possible thanks to our delightfully different tables. 

Koskela is proud to bring you all types of bespoke tables made to order. Or, you can simply shop for tables online at our table collection page to find a design you like.

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are anything but boring, at least those we make here at Koskela. It’s time to go beyond what is possible, thanks to our range of coffee tables online. If you are looking to furnish or revamp your home, office, or any other place, let Koskela come to your rescue.

Dining Tables

We take pride in top-quality unconventional dining table designs that will certainly add a fun touch to your dining room. With unique designs such as the stirrup and Mika tables, we ensure that your dining room doesn’t lose out on your creative makeover. Check out what other dining table designs we have.

Side Tables

The roving eye might pass over the typical table, but definitely not an artistic side table. If you’re looking to really capture attention, adding a side table to your sofa, couch or bed is one way to transform the room. 

Side tables are quite practical too and can be put to work holding your unfinished book, coffee, and oddities around the house. At Koskela, our collection of side tables is everything you think a side table should be and more.

Transform Your Space With Koskela Tables

Koskela is the creative birthplace of the freshest contemporary designs in Australia. We make our furniture from eco-friendly, sustainable materials using homegrown designs and craftsmanship resulting in truly Australian items.

Once you have your room all decked out, don’t forget to finish it with world-class Koskela rugs. Our vision doesn’t stop with wood and metal alone, but it extends to other elegant, classic homewares as well. We prefer to let the finished room speak to itself. 

If you would like to procure our bespoke table design services, ask a question, or enquire about anything Koskela, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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