Monthly exhibitions in the gallery

The Koskela Gallery is a dedicated space for work from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and community art centres. The gallery's aim is to increase the visibility and accessibility of Indigenous arts and cultures, and raise awareness of the role that artists and community art centres play in keeping Culture strong.

Located within our Rosebery store, the Gallery presents six curated exhibitions throughout the year, focused on emerging art for new collectors.

All of our exhibitions spotlight an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artist or art centre. Koskela has developed strong relationships with artists and art centres through our social impact work, and we are proud to also support their art making practices. The talent of contemporary Indigenous artists is incredible, and their work is available at price points which are accessible to most people. 

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Discover art in the store

We've curated a selection of artworks that complement the ethos of our furniture and homewares. The works of a wide variety of contemporary Australian artists and Indigenous artists are on display in our Rosebery store. These artworks are available until sold in-store or online.

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