Natural Wicker Pendant - Small
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Natural Bamboo Cloche Pendant - Small
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Natural Bamboo Cloche Pendant - MediumNatural Bamboo Cloche Pendant - Medium
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Natural Bamboo Cloche Pendant - LargeNatural Bamboo Cloche Pendant - Large
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Pendant Light - Terracotta (Multiple Sizes)Pendant Light - Terracotta (Multiple Sizes)
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Ceramic Licht Pendant - Small (Robert Gordon) - Sunset
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Ceramic Licht Pendant - Small (Robert Gordon) - Midnight
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Pendant Lights

Pendant lighting is also referred to as drop or hanging lights. This is a type of light fixture that has the advantage of being able to exist on its own. Modern pendant lighting is typically suspended by a cord from the ceiling. It is smaller than a chandelier and is generally considered to be more functional. Pendant lights are available in a variety of structures, designs, styles and sizes, and they also vary in regards to materials such as plastic, concrete, glass and metal.

Using modern pendant lighting offers several advantages. It is a great way to add elegance and contemporary style to a room. This type of lighting is also valued for its versatility due to the wide range of colours and shapes, and we offer many options to choose from.


Pendant lighting provides a worthwhile alternative for hanging lights in cases where people want something smaller than a chandelier. These lights are ideal for smaller spaces as they make the space within the room appear larger. They do not take up a lot of space but still manage to offer a broad light spectrum than adequately illuminate the room.

Pendant lighting is suitable for areas that require a concentrated level of lighting. These are areas where certain tasks are performed and need efficient lighting to enhance visibility. This light fixture is decorative with the classic appeal of conventional lamps and the power of spotlights.

Adaptability and Versatility

Pendants on the ceiling can be installed according to preferences. They can easily be adjusted to the preferred height of hanging lights. There is a wide range of styles to choose and pick from. Whether our style is classic or retro, there is a pendant light that can complement and complete your space.

Saving Space

When installing modern pendant lighting above a kitchen counter or dining room, space is not an issue. These light fixtures are great solutions for keeping work areas organised without compromising on space. They are useful for providing extra light. Their ability to illuminate the areas where light is required the most is facilitated by their height and angles.