Our range of ceramics includes bowls, platters, vase, pots, plates, cups, oil burners and many more. Browse our handmade ceramic collection online now!

Throughout history, mankind has utilised ceramics of all shapes and sizes in their daily lives. Today the art of custom ceramics has become a statement of style with a residing connection to nature in this modern and fast-moving world. From classic earthen cups to more modern, intricately designed plates and bowls, the Koskela ceramics collection by Australian makers offers something to suit all interiors. Our exclusive makers include Pan Pottery, Takeawei, Malcolm Greenwood, Clay by Khoa, Asobimasu, Arcadia Scot, Leaf and Thread, Sooty Welsh, Jamie-Lea Trindall, Tara Shackell, Jam Factory and Lagos del mundo.

An Ancient Art Form for the Modern Home

The beauty of ceramic arts is in the freedom for the artist to create a unique style and concept with each individual piece. Made to order ceramics create an opportunity for local artisans to fill your space with their own creative inspirations that will connect your home with nature. The earthy colours of our Planters & Vases Collection are a prime example of traditional hues combined with a modern style, whilst utilising a range of natural materials, to create something truly special.

A Statement of Style

Showcasing Koskela custom ceramics in your home or office is an authentic statement of style, be it a stoneware incense burner for your living space or a stylish jug centerpiece for your conference table. Achieve a shabby chic style by mixing and matching designs and colours within your collection or go for a more abstract modern look with a singular unique piece. Featuring a contemporary ceramics piece in a key position within any room will draw the eye of your guests, while complementing the existing decor.   

Hand Crafted and Delivered to your Door

Whether you are ordering from our stunning online catalogue or commissioning our made to order ceramics pieces, ordering Koskela ceramics online means that styling your home or office has never been easier. Free delivery Australia-wide is offered on our entire ceramics range, and international shipping options are also available.

Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®.

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