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Our range of ceramic jugs are handmade by Australian ceramicists with stoneware clay making each piece strong and unique. Browse our collection of jugs now!

Beautiful enough to display on a shelf, but also made to be used on your dining table, each ceramic jug from Koskela is a work of art. Created by potters from Australian studios, each jug is handcrafted and one of a kind, with its own unique patterns and textures. 

Our high-quality ceramic jugs coordinate beautifully with our range of plates, bowls and other dinnerware, to create a stylish, slightly rustic look for your next gathering. 

A ceramic water jug can help you cut down on plastic 

Lots of us are now trying to minimise our use of plastic, so using a ceramic water jug can be a good way to avoid the use of plastic bottles. When you have guests over, use these large jugs to serve water to the table, with ceramic cups for drinking. Ceramic can keep water cool for longer too, so you use less ice. 

Create a tea set with a ceramic milk jug

A ceramic milk jug can be useful when people come over for tea or coffee. Simply serve up their milk, whether it’s cows, oat, or soya, on the side and let them do their own pouring. You can create a rustic ceramic tea set by pairing the jug with our mugs, which turns even an everyday cup of tea or coffee into something special. 

Ceramic jugs can also be decorative pieces 

Large ceramic jugs can also look beautiful around the home, especially when filled with fresh flowers and surrounded by our handcrafted planters. Because they are waterproof, our jugs are an excellent alternative to a vase. If you love ceramics, take a look at our incense and oil burners too, which are also made by artisan potters and can coordinate with any of our ceramic jugs. 

If you need help finding the right ceramic jug, contact Koskela today and we’ll be happy to help.