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Our Ragudha Pendant collection is a harmonious blend of culture and collaboration. Inspired by the rägudha, or mud mussel, which thrives beneath the mangrove plants of Yurrwi (Milingimbi), these pendants pay homage to a cherished source of nutrition.

Crafted in partnership with Milingimbi Art and Culture, a community-owned art centre on Milingimbi Island, these pendants embody the essence of Yolngu culture and support sustainable livelihoods for talented artists. Milingimbi Art and Culture serves as a cultural, social, and economic cornerstone in the community, making these pendants a celebration of its vital role.

The Ragudha range, part of our Ngalya collection, emerged in 2019 as a testament to collaboration between Koskela and six First Nations art centres. At Koskela, we are committed to nurturing enduring partnerships with First Nations artists and art centres, dedicating 1% of our product profits to impactful social projects. With each Ragudha Pendant, you embrace a piece of cultural heritage, craftsmanship, and the spirit of unity found in Milingimbi.  

"At the art centre we are thinking together how to put the gunga ga bulgurr onto the frame but we all use our own miny’tji (design). We all know different ways of weaving and knotting. Putting our work side-by-side with all our different miny’tji together to make one yindi (big) artwork makes it really latju (beautiful). The djamarrkuli (kids) come from the school (as part of the Junior Crocodile Rangers program). They are looking at what we are doing and walking around to see the new weaving. Today we keep coming to the art centre every morning, sometimes working on yindi projects together and also doing our own djama. Weaving is dharrwa djama (lots of work) but we are happy to keep going". - Milingimbi Art and Culture group artist statement

Milingimbi Art & Culture X Koskela

Ragudha (Mud Mussel) Pendant by Mandy Batjula Gaykamangu - Large


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This pendant was woven by Mandy Batjula Gaykamangu.

The Ragudha Pendant, has a bespoke frame designed in consultation and collaboration with Milingimbi art and Culture. The bespoke frame exclusive to artists of Milingimbi and are only to be woven upon by artists from the art centre. For example it is not appropriate for a Gadigal (Sydney based) artist to weave upon a Ragudha mud mussel.

Available in three sizes - small, medium, and large - these pendant lights are equipped with LED strip lighting, a 2-meter coaxial cable and a ceiling suspension set for easy installation by a professional electrician.

Crafted using traditional materials such as pandanus, raffia, and bush string, some Ragudha pendants also incorporate reclaimed wool.

Catalogue Number: LI-RAG-L-MBG-217-20-MBG-61-22

Length (mm) 550
Depth (mm) 450
Height (mm) 400
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