Koskela’s Repair & Renew program is part of our commitment to sustainability. As product makers, we are acutely aware of our impact on the environment and will do everything in our power to avoid products contributing to landfill.

To enquire about Repair & Renew for your Koskela products

If you have Koskela furniture in your office, university or school:

Call (02) 9280 0999 ext. 2 or sales@koskela.com.au

If you have Koskela furniture in your home:

Call (02) 9280 0999 ext. 1 or info@koskela.com.au

The Repair & Renew program

Once you have purchased a Koskela product, you or your organisation are automatically able to access our Repair & Renew program for as long as you own that product. If you sell the product, the new owner can access the service.  

Our Repair & Renew program is Koskela’s promise to prolong the quality use of your furniture. We are at a distinct advantage to do this because our products are designed in-house and manufactured in Australia.  

One of our design philosophies is to make sure all our products are easy to repair.  Manufacturing in Australia means we carry spare components, and the original maker of your product also has the skills to quickly repair it and retain the quality. 

The Repair & Renew program is different to Koskela’s 7-year warranty. All our products are covered by a 7-year warranty for defects, but not wear and tear. We will fix manufacturing defects within a 7-year period, but also offer this Repair & Renew program for Koskela products that have seen better days; extending their life for as long as possible. It doesn’t matter how old your Koskela product is, we are happy to see what we can do, the only condition is that you or your organisation are an owner of a genuine Koskela product. 

How it works

Project HDR / Photographer Nicole England

Project HDR / Photographer Nicole England

For office, university and school customers

Koskela endeavours to be proactive with our Repair & Renew program and will contact your organisation at regular intervals after a project is installed to conduct maintenance visits. However, if you do need more urgent repair work, call (02) 9280 0999 ext. 2 or email sales@koskela.com.au.

Our maintenance team will liaise directly with your facilities team to assess the condition of your Koskela furniture.  Based on this assessment, our team will recommend the most cost-effective way to Repair & Renew your furniture which could include:

  • Koskela’s maintenance team servicing the products onsite
  • Our maintenance team providing instructions to your facilities team to carry out the repairs, or
  • Servicing of products with one of our preferred Repair & Renew partners.
Project Studio Prineas / Photographer Chris Warnes

Project Studio Prineas / Photographer Chris Warnes

For residential customers

Uptake of the program is easy. Call (02) 9280 0999 ext. 1 or email info@koskela.com.au; and you will be connected to a dedicated consultant who will manage your enquiry. They will discuss the details with you and liaise with our maintenance team to quote the job. If you opt to proceed, your dedicated consultant will also coordinate pick-up and delivery, and keep you updated.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword at Koskela.

The uptake of our Repair & Renew program is crucial for extending the life of Koskela’s products, conserving precious resources and saving you money in the long run. All it takes is an investment in timeless and quality furniture, and a desire to keep it in good condition; Koskela will then do everything in our power to help you enjoy your investment for as long as possible.