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Blue Sofas

Blue Sofas

Blue sofas are a classic living room staple. We have a variety of hues available in our blue sofas to suit a range of styles from bold, subtle, and playful. Loved by stylists, architects, and designers alike, blue sofas bring personality to your home and suit a range of interiors from minimal to ornate. By styling your blue sofa with a range of soft furnishings and textiles, you’re sure to create an effortlessly stylish look.

Why choose a blue sofa?

Blue sofas are an opportunity to inject a pop of colour into your living room whilst maintaining a classic and timeless look. Blue sofas work with most living room styles and invite a sense of warmth and softness to a space.

How do I style a blue sofa in the living room?

Blue sofas tend to pair with most colours, so you can easily style with both warm and cold tones for throws, cushions and rugs. However, it depends on the type of blue sofa you have for styling options. Paler and softer blues tend to work well with richer and deeper toned textiles to create a sense of contrast in the living room. Whereas darker blues tender to pair well with neutral and softer coloured textiles to balance out the colour palette. Creating a balance of texture in the living room is also helpful. This can be achieved through a chunky woven knitted throw or rug.

Are there examples of blue sofas in a home?

Check out our journal, Top Ten Homes Featuring the Quadrant Soft, which feature our classic Quadrant Soft Sofa in architecturally designed homes in a range of bold colours, including various shades of blue sofas.

What colour rugs match a blue sofa?

Depending on your fabric, our blue sofas range from soft to bold which will impact the rug choice. However, as a rule, we recommend balancing the tones, so if your blue sofa is a dark blue, try pairing with a light-coloured rug. If your sofa is a light blue, try pairing with a warm coloured rug. Blue upholstery has stood the test of time, they are effortlessly classic and will pair well with most rug options. If you need more help choosing, make a complimentary appointment with one of our Interior Consultants.

How do I tie my blue sofa in with neutral finishes?

Blue sofas are a stylish way to add a pop of colour to a minimally designed space. To ensure that the sofa ties into the space, try styling it with some neutral-coloured throws and cushions. Or incorporate elements of biophilic design, such as indoor plants and natural materials like timber for the accompanying coffee table.

How do I choose the best sofa for my space?

We have a range of blue sofas available across modular sofa styles, 2-seater sofa, and 3-seater sofa styles along with armchairs. Choose the right size and fabric for your space and style by making a complimentary appointment with our Interior Consultants. Our consultants will help you sift through fabric samples and navigate custom builds and concepts to ensure you leave with your dream piece. They are well versed in everything Koskela, including our extensive Environmental and Social Impact certifications, along with useful insights around the artists and art centres we partner with.

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