White Sofas

There’s nothing quite like a clean, crisp home. White sofas provide a fresh feel to any space. Whether you’re seeking a monochromatic style or a standout focal point with your dwelling, white sofas are a forever-flexible piece. Making styling a breeze, white sofas can be effortlessly paired back with soft, neutral tones, coupled with colour, or as a strategic element to add a bright and light feel to darker spaces.  White sofas are a versatile and aesthetically pleasing addition to every living area. 

Why choose a white sofa?

White sofas offer timeless opportunities that allow for creative styling freedom through every phase of life. Sharp and bold or soft and light, white sofas are a pristine statement regardless of your personal taste. If you’re looking for a sofa option that will stand the test of time, is easily adaptable and equally as elegant in any design concept, white sofas are the ultimate choice.

How do I style a white sofa in the living room?

Your white sofa can compliment every colour, tone and texture within your space. White sofas offer boundless opportunities for creative flare, from warm and earthy aesthetics to a cool and calm environment, or something completely abstract. You easily swap out your décor pieces whenever you please, confidently knowing your white sofa will fit right in with whatever styling path you take. You could add pops of colour throughout your space with bright and bold hues, or tone it down with lighter pastels and subtle colours. White sofas also pair beautifully with other shades like grey and black, boho hues of beige and brown, and fresh, nature-inspired touches of green and blue. 

Are there example of white sofas in a home?

Check out our journal, Top Ten Homes Featuring the Quadrant Soft, featuring our classic Quadrant Soft Sofa in architecturally designed homes, in a range of different shades and colours, including our white sofas. 

What colour rugs match a white sofa?

White sofas are loved for their colour-matching ability. You can pair your white sofa with any coloured rug for a timeless look. The clean and crisp nature of a white sofa means you can choose from a range of colours, textures and patterns. Whether you decide to keep it simple with another light shade, create a monochrome look with a bold colour, or choose a patterned piece with pops of colour, your white sofa will offer a seamless collaboration. White sofas can also be paired with a range of fabrics, from soft to woven or something in between. With a white sofa, the possibilities are endless.  

If you need more help choosing, make a complimentary appointment with one of our Interior Consultants

How do I tie my white sofa in with neutral finishes?

White sofas are the perfect choice for neutral finishes. From loose items such as rugs, artwork and cushions, to timber, concrete and steel, your white sofa will be a welcomed addition to your space. White sofas are one of the most complementary shades to align with your neutral choices.

Check out Koskela’s workhub office to see how we paired white sofas with elements of timber, steel and other neutral tones within our space.

How do I choose the best sofa for my space?

Our diverse range of white sofas offers something for every space, from modular sofa styles, to our 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa styles and armchairs. Our Interior Consultants are available to help you decide on the right size and fabric for your space and style, reach out to make your complimentary appointment. Our consultants will collaborate with you to explore fabric samples and custom builds and concepts to find the perfect option for your space. Our expert consultants offer useful insights into the artists and art centres we partner with at Koskela and the ins and outs of our extensive Environmental and Social Impact certifications.

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