Top 10 Homes Featuring the Quadrant Soft Modular Sofa

The Quadrant Soft Modular Sofa, which is designed and made in Australia, is a beloved favourite among architects, interior designers, stylists, and homeowners alike. It is frequently found in some of the most beautiful lounge rooms across Australia.

Designed by our co-founder Russel Koskela in 2008, it has become a beloved piece of furniture due to its comfort, flexibility, and versatility. It can fit in any space, from elegant lounge rooms to casual office areas, is available in a range of fabrics and is perfect for activities such as family game nights, reading, napping, and watching movies.

A modular sofa is a furniture option that comprises separate pieces that can be arranged in different ways to create a personalised seating arrangement. The Quadrant Soft Sofa is designed to offer freedom and flexibility, allowing you to add modules as needed. Its lightweight construction enables easy rearrangement to fit your changing needs. Additionally, the sofa comes with a seven-year warranty and repair service as well as removable covers in a range of fabrics to ensure longevity, making it a piece that can last for generations.

It is environmentally friendly and GECA certified, made from high-density foam and 100% recyclable. It comes with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and is free of harmful CFC chemicals. Koskela also offsets the carbon emissions from shipping every sofa. 

We love nothing more than seeing the Quadrant Soft Sofa settled into its new forever homes, so we have curated a list of our top 10 favourite Australian homes featuring the modular sofa. 

1. Bondi Home by Carter Williamson

Replacing a single-storey bungalow near Bondi Beach, this pair of non-identical townhouses were created by Carter Williamson Architects. Each is designed in an L-shape around three lightwell/courtyard spaces that draw in light and breezes. The material palette of lightly bagged recycled brickwork with weatherboard and timber window and door frames nods to the coastal vernacular. The Quadrant Soft modular lounges in a two-seater double, corner and single module is the focal point of this beautiful lounge room.

Project: Bondi Home / Architect: Carter Williamson / Photography: Katherine Lu

2. Durham Road by Curious Practice

A new suburban four-bedroom family home in Newcastle with a small 55m2 footprint, developed to maximise landscaped areas, promotes and maintains the green and leafy suburb whilst configuring family living to an intimate scale. The Quadrant Soft in leather is the best seat in the house to sit back and enjoy the view outside.

Project: Durham Road / Architect: Curious Practice / Photography: Katherine Lu

3. House Lincoln by Those Architects

A Sydney home gets a mini tower addition turning a modest suburban bungalow into a versatile courtyard home, with only a small increase to the footprint. The distinctly modern new form is softened with curved lines, echoing the original mid-century home. With an adjoining courtyard, this rumpus room features the Quadrant Soft, instantly becoming the perfect zone for relaxing with friends. 

Project: House Lincoln / Architect: Those Architects / Photography: Luc Remond

4. Cnr Virginia by Studio Prineas

Studio Prineas were tasked with updating a Kensington home with additional space to accommodate large family gatherings and overnight guests, a swimming pool and garden lawn — from a humble Federation-era home. And conceal all new additions from the street. Inside, a soothing monochrome palette and lean edit of furniture emphasises the natural textures of the materials and furnishings, many of which are locally and sustainably sourced from Koskela.

Project: Cnr Virginia / Architect: Studio Prineas / Photography: Chris Warnes

5. Darlington House by Aileen Sage

A new split-level extension added to the rear of this tight inner city terrace house. This move defines separate living spaces across the site. A central planted light-well brings light and air to the core of the plan whilst a stepped rear courtyard opens views to the neighbourhood beyond.

Project: Darlington House / Architect: Aileen Sage / Photography: Tom Ferguson

6. Guerilla Bay by Steve Andrea Architecture

One of the most beautiful locations on the South Coast is the site for this family holiday house for an extended family. It has large areas of north facing windows with views along the beautiful Eurobodalla coastline. Strong architectural forms respond to the natural setting by framing views. Pictured here is our Quadrant Soft modular sofa in an extensive range of fabrics, from denim fabrics to leather sofa it is the perfect sofa for this space!

Project: Guerilla Bay / Architect: Steve Andrea Architecture / Photography: Rodrigo Vargas

7. Copacabana House by Brad Swartz architects

Located on a steep sloping site, makes the most of the spectacular view from a living space surrounded by bedrooms. A floor to ceiling bookshelf allows for the display of items collected while travelling - something synonymous with beach houses, whilst bunk rooms allow the home to sleep up to 16.

Project: Copa Beach House / Architect: Brad Swartz Architects / Photography: Katherine Lu

8. Longueville House by Vaness Wegner Architects

Let the deep cedar panels and jigsaw of cream bricks lead you through this suburban oasis in the lower north-shore suburb of Longueville. Designed by Vanessa Wegner Architects, the home cleverly invites the outside in, whilst creating open plan living and teenage hideaways.

Koskela was lucky enough to fit out the impressive space with our Aussie made and original designed furniture, along with ethically sourced textiles and homewares.

Project: Longueville House / Architect: Vanessa Wegner Architects / Photography: Katherine Lu

9. Pavilion House by Robson Rak Architects

A Melbourne heritage home is brought into the 21st century. The brief was to draw upon the client’s love of LA modernist architecture and Pavilion House certainly delivers. Our Quadrant Soft sofas in denim are looking sharp in the casual living area directly adjacent to the pool. Their flexibility and durability makes them the perfect fit for this space.

Project: Pavilion House / Architect: Robson Rak Architects / Photography: Shannon McGrath

10. 2019 Emerald Ave Pearl Beach project by Coco Arhitecture

A Pearl Beach holiday house where the interiors brief was colour! Our Quadrant Soft is the focal point of this loungeroom that flows to an abundance of greenspace and decking.

Project: Emerald Ave Pearl Beach Project / Architect:

Feeling creative or know exactly what you want? The perfect thing with a modular sofa is that you can personalise it after your own needs and taste. Just browse through our wide range of styles and covers to get the sofa you always dreamed about, and adapt it later on if your need or taste changes.

A modular sofa is perfect if you value flexibility. Offering the possibility to move with the seasons, or your mood, this kind of sofa is a great choice for anyone who likes to change things up.

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