Classic 2 Seater Sofa
Australian Made
Classic 2 Seater Sofa
Australian Made
Brolga 2 Seater Sofa
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Brolga 2 Seater Sofa - Pewter

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Brolga Armchair
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Brolga Armchair - Pewter

Classic 3 Seater Sofa
Australian Made
Classic 3 Seater Sofa
Australian Made

Grey Sofas

Grey sofas are a great choice for modern interiors. Grey sofas harmonise with an array of aesthetic choices and come in a variety of muted tones, right through to deep charcoal. A contemporary addition to your living space, grey sofas are a timeless classic with the ability to create both a clean and simple style with softer palettes or an adaptable foundation to incorporate eccentric or abstract colourways to your styling.

Why choose a grey sofa?

Grey sofas are a forever-fashionable colourway and make themselves at home within a  never-ending list of interiors concepts. Grey sofas are modern, versatile and ageless and fit right in among a variety of hues and textures.

How do I style a grey sofa in the living room?

The possibilities are endless with grey sofas. Whether you seeking cool, industrial and masculine, or a soft, feminine and cosy living area, grey sofas are a welcomed addition to both ends of the spectrum. Your grey sofa can complement a multitude of colours, tones and textures.  You easily swap out your décor pieces as you desire, incorporate pops of colour, or create a shade-focused colour palette with other grey hues and white elements. Light or dark, warm or cool, grey sofas are a flexible staple and offer boundless styling opportunities. You can feel confident that your grey sofa will stand the test of time as your style and design choices evolve.  

Are there examples of grey sofas in a home?

Check out our journal, Top Ten Homes Featuring the Quadrant Soft, featuring our classic Quadrant Soft Sofa in architecturally designed homes, in a range of different shades and colours, including our grey sofas.

What colour rugs match a grey sofa?

Grey sofas can be styled with a range of different colourways - from bright, abstract colours, to soft natural palettes. Depending on your fabric, our grey sofas range from soft to bold which will impact the rug choice. However, as a rule, we recommend balancing the tones, so if your grey sofa is a soft grey, try pairing it with a bolder colour. If your sofa is deep charcoal, try pairing it with a softer colour. If you need more help choosing, make a complimentary appointment with one of our Interior Consultants.

If you need more help choosing, make a complimentary appointment with one of our Interior Consultants

How do I tie my grey sofa in with neutral finishes?

Grey sofas are effortlessly cohesive with neutral and minimalist interiors. Grey sofas complement all shades on the spectrum, from white and beige, to khaki and tan. Pairing your grey sofa with loose furnishings of subtle colourways, such as your rugs, artwork and cushions is an easy feat, as well as the natural elements throughout your space, such as timber, concrete or steel.

How do I choose the best sofa for my space?

Our diverse range of grey sofas offers something for every space, from modular sofa styles, to our 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa styles and armchairs. Our Interior Consultants are available to help you decide on the right size and fabric for your space and style, reach out to make your complimentary appointment. Our consultants will collaborate with you to explore fabric samples and custom builds and concepts to find the perfect option for your space. Our expert consultants offer useful insights into the artists and art centres we partner with at Koskela and the ins and outs of our extensive Environmental and Social Impact certifications. 

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