Tips on choosing a sofa for LIFE

Your sofa is the centrepiece of your living room — the place where the kids all pile in together to watch a movie, or where you relax for the evening after another crazy day at work. As a piece of furniture, they are put through a lot, which is why all Koskela’s sofas are designed with durability and longevity in mind.  

Choosing a Koskela sofa isn’t only about purchasing a design-forward piece of furniture that will look good for years to come, it’s about doing what is right by the planet too. According to one study by the Furniture Industry Research Association, of all home furniture, average sofas are the biggest generator of emissions, producing an average of 90 kilograms of carbon dioxide. Most people wouldn’t even be aware that their living room has its own carbon footprint! 

So, before you go out and impulse-buy the latest fast-fashion couch, here are a few things to consider when choosing a sustainable lounge suite that will last you a lifetime.  

Types of Sofas

2-seater sofas are perfect if you’re space-conscious, or if you’d like to pair your sofa with a few accompanying armchairs. If you have a bigger room to work with, 3-seater sofas are the most popular choice.


Modular sofas are the biggest of the bunch and provide the most flexibility, with different sections of sofa that can be reconfigured to suit the space. Our Quadrant Soft modular range is Koskela’s most popular choice and comes in a range of sizes and colours, with removable covers for easy cleaning and maintenance, which extends the life of the sofa. They can even be replaced entirely over the years if you want to update your colour palette with a lower financial and environmental cost. 



Sofa Materials

All of Koskela’s sofa materials are designed to last, with washable, dryable, spot-cleanable, repairable and replaceable covers. 

We don’t just talk the talk. Unlike other brands who want you coming back to buy a new sofa every 10 years, we’re big on making sure your sofa lasts a lifetime. That’s why we offer a Repair & Renew program on top of our 7-year warranty for defects. Repair & Renew is about extending the life of Koskela products, which is better for the environment and saves you from giving up your favourite sofa just because it’s seen better days. Our maintenance team will come out to you and perform the repairs you need, which also reduces emissions that would otherwise be created shipping heavy furniture back and forth. 

There are several different fabrics available for your sofa and which one you choose is up to you! If you have children and pets, leather sofas may be a good choice as it’s extremely hard-wearing. Keep in mind it can scratch, so pet claws can be a problem.  sectional-sofas

A cotton mix is another popular choice as it’s soft, breathable and absorbs moisture fairly well without feeling damp. The downside? It can stain, so like any material, you will need to be conscious of mess and spills. 

A mix of leather, cotton, recycled wool or other mixed materials are other options you can speak to the Koskela team about. 

Sofa Colours

Choosing a colour is arguably the most fun part of selecting a sofa. You can play it safe and go for a neutral colour like grey sofas or white sofas, or opt for a darker colour that will easily disguise stains and scuffs. Or you can have some fun and pick a bright coloured sofa — we’re loving green sofas, pink sofas and blue sofas this season. 


Sofas for the workplace

Project: Hotels Combined / Designer: Hot Black

It isn’t just our homes that need beautiful sofas — workplaces also need places for people to sit, gather and relax and Koskela has a range of office sofas specifically designed to transform office spaces. There are so many options, you’ll have the flexibility to fit out your office in a way that encourages connection (and our team of experts are always happy to make specific recommendations too!).  

Accessories for styling your sofa

Adding a bit of personality or pop of colour to your sofa with the use of some thoughtful accessories is a must if you want your living room to look stylish and finished. Cushions are a classic choice and can help add dimension and texture to even the most neutral coloured couch. Or you could add a throw or blanket, which is not just about aesthetics, but makes the couch even snugglier, particularly on a cold winter night.  

As long as you’ve given thought to understanding what you need, who will use your sofa, how much space you have, the type of material that is most suitable and the colour that will best complement your space, you’re ready to buy your dream sofa!  

With Koskela you don’t have to compromise between doing good for the planet and making your home look and feel fantastic. Browse Koskela’s full range of Australian made sofas, couches and lounges on our website. 

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