Case study: Bespoke Table for a Technology Client

North Sydney 
November 2019

Koskela worked with NBN in 2019 to deliver a bespoke table which was both modular and intuitive in design. Given the agile nature of the workspace, the table had to operate as a communal table for meetings and lunches, as well as individual smaller islands to break off for individual projects. The overarching concept for the design lay-in the need for the table to be re-configured by the average person, without the aid of a maintenance team. 

Koskela created custom fixings and casters which enabled the table to be locked in and out of place. The middle section can be pushed around, whereas the two semi-circle pieces work like a wheelbarrow: where you can pick up the circle end and lever it up to push around, without the burden of its weight.

Koskela upheld the integrity of refined and minimal aesthetics through the integration of a trap door located on the inside sides of the table. These concealed trap doors house all casters and locks. The design was intuitive to enable the average person to decipher how the adjustments operate. 

In addition to our bespoke table, Koskela delivered our signature Juha Whiteboard. Agile in design, and multifunctional as a room divider. Koskela was proud to deliver such well considered pieces to a sophisticated client like NBN. 

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