How to choose the perfect floor rug for you!

Tips from Koskela’s Interiors Consultant.

A beautiful floor rug is a worthwhile investment. It is commonly used as a zoning device that will define spaces in your home, making them feel both considered and cosy. Floor rugs also occupy a huge amount of real estate in a room so they are an important decorating piece. There are plenty of styles to choose from – contemporary, neutral, bohemian, or vintage rugs – and whatever you decide will have a big impact on the look and feel of your home.

That is not to say that choosing a floor rug is easy. Aside from just looks, there are lots of factors to consider such as materials and size. A common mistake people make is buying a rug that is far too small, so rather than helping to make a room feel cohesive, it will chop it up into lots of little bits. To avoid such headaches we turned to our Interiors Consultant Mariah for her top tips.

As a trained interior designer, Mariah’s role at Koskela is to provide advice for customers making bigger ticket purchases such as furniture and art. She can help select fabrics for a sofa, or drop by your home to test out a floor rug. Her services are completely free and her expert knowledge will help you make the perfect choice.Mariah’s rules of thumb for choosing a floor rug

  • Measure the zone you would like to cover. If you want a floor rug for the dining room for example, make sure the tables and chairs fit within its dimensions.
  • If you have sofa against the wall in your living room, a floor rug should run at least a few inches underneath.
  • Consider your lifestyle. Do you have pets? Choose a rug that can handle a bit of wear and tear. Plush is probably not very practical.
  • For kids I always recommend medium pile as it’s far more comfortable for playing on the floor.
  • Rugs can make a colourful statement, or add cosy texture, or do both. Consider what else is going on in the room. If you have played it safe with neutral furnishings and glossy surfaces you can probably afford to go bold.
  • A rug is like an artwork. You want to get it right and love it for years to come. Always test a rug that is outside your aesthetic and you might be surprised. Many of my clients purchase a rug they were not initially drawn to in the store.

    If you are in the market for a new floor rug, Koskela is well known for our mix of pile and flat-weave, vintage and contemporary styles.  See our whole collection of handmade rugs, or browse vintage rugs, small, medium and large rugs

    And if you have spotted a floor rug you love but are not sure if it will work in your space, book a home consultant with Mariah. She will be able to run through our range and even trial various floor rugs in your home. 

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