How to choose the perfect floor rug for you!

A beautiful floor rug is a worthwhile investment. It is commonly used as a zoning device that will define spaces in your home, making them feel both considered and cosy. Floor rugs also occupy a huge amount of real estate in a room, so they are an important decorating piece. There are plenty of styles to choose from – contemporary, jute or sisal, bohemian, or vintage rugs – and whatever you decide will have a big impact on the look and feel of your home. 

Koskela is a destination for contemporary flat-weave floor rugs. We carry six floor rug brands, five of which are exclusive to Koskela in Australia. As there is no industry for floor rug weaving locally, we source from overseas, and have searched tirelessly for brands that meet our ethical standards.  

When you buy a floor rug from Koskela you are buying an heirloom piece of beautiful quality, woven by hand by craftspeople who are making a sustainable livelihood from the rich culture and tradition of weaving. They truly are works of art for your floor. 

If you are just starting your search for a new floor rug, we have some expert tips from Koskela’s interior consultants to guide you. Once you have done some research, we encourage you to book a complimentary consultation. If you live in Sydney pop in store or our consultants can visit you at home, if you live interstate we can arrange a facetime call. Easy. 

Top tips for choosing a floor rug

Size matters

The most common mistake people make is buying a floor rug that is too small for the space. Rather than making a room feel cohesive, a runt-sized rug has the visual effect of chopping the space into little bits – not good. Make sure a floor rug is large enough to fit underneath your furniture, thus uniting the whole room. 

In a living room a floor rug should sit at least a few inches underneath your sofa. In a dining room, the table and chairs should fit within its dimensions. And in a bedroom a floor rug should be covered by at least two-thirds of the bed frame with 45-60cm on all sides. 

To help you find the the right size rug you can shop by small rugsmedium rugslarge rugs and runners. 

Designer: Vanessa Wegner Architects

Pile type 

Consider your lifestyle, do you have kids or pets? Unfortunately, plush rugs are not very practical. Koskela only stocks flat weave floor rugs because they are very durable and suitable for all households. A flat weave floor rug can withstand all kinds of lifestyle changes over many years and still look good. 

Styling tricks 

Rugs can make a colourful statement, or add cosy texture, or do both. Consider what else is going on in the room. If you have played it safe with neutral furnishings and glossy surfaces you can probably afford to go bold. A great styling tip is to choose a colour in your rug and repeat it in something else such as an artwork, a sofa fabric, cushion, or vase. 

Photographer: Maree Homer

Photographer: Maree Homer

Designer: Studio Prineas / Photographer: Chris Warnes


Always test a rug that is outside your aesthetic, and you might be surprised. Koskela has a broad range of styles and if you decide to take advantage of our free consultation service, we can work with you to push the envelope and land on that perfect floor rug to unify your space. 

Staff picks

The interior consultants tell us their favourite floor rug brand:

“Without a doubt, Tantuvi. These hard-wearing hemp rugs with delicious, flexible colour pallets are down-to-earth and fun to be around!” - Harriet 

“As a design school graduate, my favourite is Begüm Cânâ Özgür. They have manipulated the manufacturing technique to provide a visual illusion and spectral colour transition without overcomplicating the design.” - Martine 

Rrres of course! It’s like graphic art for your floors.” - Emily  

      If you are in the market for a new floor rug, Koskela is well known for our mix of pile and flat-weave, vintage and contemporary styles.  See our whole collection of handmade rugs.

      And if you have spotted a floor rug you love but are not sure if it will work in your space, book a home consultant. One of our lovely consultants will be able to run through our range and even trial various floor rugs in your home. 

      Do you have any questions? Get in touch today, and we will connect you with the right person in our team.

      Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®.

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