Why investing in your home office will pay off

After the year that was, we've noticed a stripping back of excess, and an embrace of quality, considered consumerism. For a lot of us, working from home is the new norm, so why not invite conscious living into your home office set up with our Aussie made, enviro-conscious furniture which looks good, and does good? 

We're going to explore why setting up your home office is a long term investment, how our folding desk can contribute to your work, life balance and the environmental pay off of supporting Aussie made business who care. 

1. Why setting up your home office is a long term investment. 

The Australian Financial Review have predicted a permanent shift to dynamic working which will encourage staff to toggle between working from home and coming into the office for collaborative projects.  

"We found that four-bedroom house areas had a higher level of demand relative to three-bedrooms so that supports the theory these people are looking for a home office." - Kent Lardner (director of Suburbtrends.com.au) 

A survey conducted by the AFR reviewed 25 of Sydney’s biggest ASX50 companies, professional service firms and public service to uncover that 96% of staff will continue to work from home in 2021. Meaning that investing in your home office won’t be a fleeting trend, so you may as well invest in quality furniture that will go the distance. 

2. Designed for work, life balance. 

Our work from home office furniture is designed to be both functional and stylish. We’re especially proud of our Jacinda desk which was designed with flexibility in mind. The folding powder-coated steel legs in the premium shades of Saltbush Grey or Surf Mist means that you can pack away the workday to create clear boundaries between work and play. The desk is made from white laminate with a plywood look ABS edge which creates the illusion of solid wood without the weight, making it easier to move around the home.   

The minimal design of the Jacinda desk means that you can adapt it to your own tastes and style. Plus, it's 100% Australian made. So, while our goodies help support your work, life balance, by choosing to shop with us, you’re helping to support local makers, suppliers and business. Go you! 

3. Enviro-conscious furniture, built to last.  

We value Australian made furniture because we believe in full transparency in our production lines, in propping up the Australian economy and minimising unnecessary freight emissions and environmental costs.  

The ABC’s War on Waste reported that up to 85% of kerbside furniture will end up in landfill (War on Waste – the Battle Continues, ABC, episode 2). By creating beautiful, quality, Australian made furniture, we hope to curb the kerbside dump. The environmental footprint of our furniture is something that we try to minimise from all angles which is why we design furniture that will grow with you.   

By investing in your home office space, you’re embracing a purposeful shift towards slowing down and cutting out any excess noise in your life. Pairing back your space by buying quality pieces with minimal, timeless designs means that you can create a considered space abundant in environmental conscience.  

Do you have any questions? Get in touch today, and we will connect you with the right person in our team.

Koskela is proud to be the first furniture and homewares company in Australia to be a Certified B Corporation®.