Thanks for buying Aus!

During these turbulent times Australians do seem to be coming together and buying Aus to support one another.

These efforts will make our community stronger and more resilient to the economic impacts of COVID-19 and it’s a refreshingly positive display of nationalism.

SBS News recently featured Koskela in a story on the increased interest in Australian made products during the coronavirus pandemic.

Koskela is a proudly Australian made business, and by supporting us not only do you support our team of 30 but you are also supporting a whole network of Australian manufactures, makers and artists.

When Russel Koskela and Sasha Titchkosky founded Koskela in 2000 they were determined to make and source products within Australia.

This was considered risky at a time when manufacturing in Australia was declining and moving offshore. But Koskela believes the benefits of manufacturing locally far outweigh the costs: 

  • We can customise our products to suit your needs 
  • We can deliver to you faster and emit less freight emissions 
  • We have assurances about the labour conditions 
  • We can easily implement more efficient materials and processes while still maintaining quality 
  • We safeguard jobs in the design, art and manufacturing industries. 

“Koskela has been working with several of our makers for nearly 20 years. The close connection between designers and makers allows our business to be more dynamic and innovative." 
Sasha Titchkosky, Koskela Director and Co-founder 

As of 2020 Koskela is proud to work with 44 Australian manufacturers to craft our furniture. We also love bringing you unique homewares and art made by amazing Australian creatives. 

The makers we support are ceramicists, metal workers, jewellers, glass blowers and more! We think it's important to support Australia's handicraft industry and love discovering talented artisans.

Koskela also supports Australian artists. We sell works by up-and-coming Australian artists that complement the ethos of our furniture and homewares. As of 2020, we made the decision to exclusively exhibit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in the Koskela gallery. We host six exhibitions annually, sign up to Club Koskela for updates.

Given the success of our Australian made approach we have been able to focus on positively contributing to Australia’s indigenous communities. We commit 1 percent of Koskela revenue (approximately 10 percent of profits) to collaborations with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creatives. Last year, we celebrated a decade of these projects with Ngalya / Together, six new woven lighting designs with six community owned and operated art centres throughout Australia.

Now more than ever Koskela is so proud to make and stock beautiful Australian-made products because it helps us make a positive impact in the community. Thank you for helping us support Australian jobs and business!