Saxon Quinn, Jane McKenzie
20 July - 18 August, 2019

The Koskela Gallery is pleased to present Gathering: new works by Saxon Quinn and Jane McKenzie.

Melbourne artist Saxon Quinn draws from urban environments, reestablishing them in a two dimensional format with cement plaster and “the randomly perfect placement of weathered markings and paste ups that form around us on walls, pavements, ceilings and signs.” In this series of works - his first exhibited in Sydney - abstract marks and forms are placed across the surface “like an amateur playing chess.”

Jane McKenzie returns to the Koskela Gallery to present her latest body of architectural ceramic sculptures. As she states: “Most of the works for this exhibition are in my preferred palette of terracotta, black and white. But in contrast to these natural and matte finishes, I have also created new sculptures which are white and gold. This was inspired by the buildings of Carlo Scarpa, who used gilded materials sparingly but consistently throughout his architectural career, most notably in the Olivetti Showroom and the Brion Family Cemetery. Scarpa often used gold-hued glass mosaic tiles as secondary sources of reflection and light play, but the use of gold also referenced the long history and importance of this commodity in his home city of Venice. I like the way that gilding can emphasise details and I like the way it enhances the reflection of light. I’m attracted to the humbleness of clay as a material for sculpture, and the idea of elevating its status with the addition of gold appeals to me.”


Saxon Quinn Q&A

What was the path to becoming the artist you are today?

My father was a designer and my mum is and always has been a full-time artist. Our family home has always been a creative space for all that visit. I was always going to paint, I just didn't know when. Having a large studio at home and a mum that pushed me definitely helped.

What part of your art practice brings you the most joy?

The fact that I'm not glued to my phone. When I'm not painting I'm designing mobile apps for my startup or designing for other clients so I'm looking at a screen around the clock. Painting allows me to escape and relax without the need to reach for my phone.

What influences your work?

Cityscapes, old concrete floors (Koskela's is a delight BTW), rough pigments stained into walls and surfaces. My design background also influences my process.

Why do you use cement in your work and how do you apply it?

I love it, love the way it ages in everyday life and wanted to somehow bring that across to my works.

What is the theme for your exhibition at Koskela?

I noticed the tones throughout Koskela and the large industrial space, I wanted to tie that into these works, allowing space between each shape and I also wanted to work on a larger scale with at least one piece to compliment the Koskela space.

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