Meet the Maker: Angus of Pan Pottery

Koskela is excited to welcome a new ceramicist, Angus McDiarmid of Pan Pottery

Angus is an absolutely lovely human being who radiates warmth and kindness. He lives on the shores of Lake Weyba, Noosa Heads, and takes a very low impact approach to his craft. 

Pan Pottery is crafted from hang dug local clays using a kick wheel. It’s also fired in a traditional wood fire kiln, a labour intensive process, which only a handful of people in Australia can do.

Read our Q&A with Angus to get an insight into his Pan Pottery journey.

What led you to start making ceramics?

In 2010, I cycled from Patagonia to Ecuador and on the journey spent a lot of time in the high Andes. So much of what makes life there is handmade. Their houses, chairs, tables, pots and furnishings. It was so clear to me how much joy came from living with the handmade. 

How long did the skill take to develop?

I studied pottery in India and one of my first mentors told me that it takes seven years to become proficient in throwing. Every time I throw I aim to improve. It’s a skill that’s constantly evolving and one which I hope never stops. Throwing is one skill, and firing is another. Woodfiring has so many variables that every firing is unique. It’s an extremely specific skill and one I’m always learning more about. 

When did you establish Pan Pottery and how has the brand grown?

Pan Pottery was established six years ago. We have been growing steadily ever since. Woodfiring has an incredible high labour content. We can only do the firing four times per year. Our focus has always been on quality and creating a product that is really unique. The demand is high and constantly growing, which is great news for our little business! 

What inspires your work?

I’m inspired by any craftsman today that is making a living following what they love. I am also drawn to architecture as I truly believe the space you like in can change your life. Sculpture, nature and food are also huge inspirations.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I love the whole ceramic process. However bringing joy to little moments in people’s lives gives me the greatest pleasure. When people get in touch and say they take a moment to have a coffee or eat a meal with friends with my pots, I can’t help but smile. 

And what is the hardest part?

Wood firing pottery has challenges but I love it all!


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