Introducing our latest exhibition: ‘Pukulpa’, a study in joy

Pukulpa means ‘joyful’ to the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara people. And our latest exhibition is certainly a happy one. It’s a celebration of Country, creativity and community, and it’s on for a limited time at the Koskela Gallery.  

Koskela Gallery is proud to introduce our latest exhibition, Pukulpa, produced in partnership with Kaltukatjara  Art Centre, an artists’ collective in the Pitjantjatjara lands of the Northern Territory. 

Pukulpa means ‘joyful’. It’s a celebration of the colours and stories of the Kungka Kutjara Tjukurrpa: the Two Sisters Songline.

The exhibition features works from three of the Northern Territory’s most talented female artists – Marlene Connelly, Rosalind Yibardi and Elsie Edimintja – all of whom have been painting at Kaltukatjara since the centre opened in 2016.

The canvases are a mix of delicate brushwork and punu (dots applied with wooden sticks), picked out in vibrant swirls of ochre, orange, purple and sky blue. 

“These are more than just artworks,” said Koskela co-founder Sasha Titchkosky. “You can practically feel the joy radiating off the walls.” Each painting is a story in two dimensions, a love letter to Country, and a rendering the Tjukurrpa (Dreaming) of the Kaltukatjara area – the ancestral home of Elsie, Marlene and Rosalind. 

“We’re happy to make paintings at the home of the Two Sisters. I’m thinking about that Dreaming and painting that story,” Rosalind Yibardi said.

“I’m thinking while doing this story on the canvas, and feeling happy,” Elsie added.

I’m thinking while doing this story on the canvas, and feeling happy - Elsie Edimintja

As with any exhibition like this, it’s crucial that the proceeds from First Nations art go to the artists and communities that produce the works, which is why Koskela partners with local organisations and galleries, like Kaltukatjara, all over Australia. That’s 71 art centres, and counting.

It’s all part of our broader social impact work: championing the designs and culture of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We want to help provide platforms for Indigenous artists to display their works in physical spaces all over the country. 

From the weavers of Echo Island to the incredibly talented Ritharrŋu and Madarrpa artist, Jill Daniels – we currently work with other 30 Indigenous artists and community art organisations. As of 2023, we’ve returned over $1.4 million to Indigenous communities across Australia.

Our exhibition rotates every six weeks, so you’ve got a limited window to view and purchase works from Pukulpa. Once they’re sold, they’re sold. There won’t be any more. This is your chance to own a masterpiece from some of the Northern Territory’s most sought-after artists, and bring the joy of Pukulpa into your own home. Don’t miss it. 

Pukulpa will be running from 27th June to the 6th August at Koskela Gallery.

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