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Proper lighting not only changes the mood in a room, but it also affects the dimensions of the space. The type of lights and their placement are essential aspects of designing interiors as they work in combination with furniture selection, natural light, the size of the room and colours. These elements collaborate when the lighting effectively transforms the space into a seemingly effortless combination of style and functionality.

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Colour Selections

Purchasing lighting online paves the way for managing the colours around your space. Lights can either enhance or mute the colours in the room or focus on the surfaces that the light is meant to bring out. A dark colour has the effect of making the room appear to be smaller while lighter colours create the illusion of a bigger space. Lighting can yield this illusion by illuminating surfaces such as the walls.

Lighting Considerations

Lighting either highlights certain elements or illuminates the whole room. Positional lights such as pendant lighting that are hung from above can be adjusted and directed towards certain elements like a kitchen island, vase or wall painting. Recessed lighting online is ideal for ceilings and floors to create beams of light that are directed vertically rather than central fixtures that provide an overall glow.


Functionality is one of the major benefits of investing in quality lighting online. Aside from the aesthetic value of lights, they also serve an actual purpose. Chandeliers are usually placed in a central position to provide outstanding illumination. Placing lights on the wall is useful for enhancing the size and length of an entryway. Consider the type of lighting that would be ideal for your setting.


Artificial and natural lighting both have an impact on the illusion of space. Dark rooms can benefit from more natural light. Lack of sufficient lights can make the room feel restrictive especially if the furniture arrangement is also cramped. Centrally placed lights and corner lamps are among the ways to brighten a room when there is minimal access to natural light.

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