Yinarr Maramali: Gomeroi Dhigaraagal

Yinarr Maramali
Gomeroi Dhigaraagal
7 Novemeber-24 December, 2020

The Koskela Gallery is pleased to present Yinarr Maramali: Gomeroi Dhigaraagal, a collection of sustainable works by Yinarr Maramali.

Yinarr Maramali: Gomeroi Dhigaraagal shines a spotlight over the tradition and skill of Gomeroi yinarrgal (women) in regional New South Wales. Inspired by native dhigaraa (birds) and their stories, Gomeroi Dhigaraagal is a celebration of colour and community.

Showcasing an array of fibre pieces and selection of paintings by yinarr Amy Hammond, Lorrelle Munro, Bronwyn Spearim, Emily Honess and Sophie Honess, Gomeroi Dhigaraagal highlights the beauty of dhigaraa (birds) and their significance to Gomeroi stories and teachings.

Yinarr Maramali: Gomeroi Dhigaraagal shares the stories of Waan (crow), Gilaa (galah), Muraay (sulphur-crested cockatoo), bilaar (yellow-tailed black cockatoo and red-tailed black cockatoo), Gugurrgaagaa (kookaburra), Dhirridhirri (willie wagtail) and lorikeet through a range of colourful bin.guwi (coolamon), waygal (dilly bags), baskets and paintings.

Gomeroi Dhigaraagal also features a beautiful collection of garaarr (grass) pieces, which are woven using lomandra, the native and traditional grass used by Gomeroi weavers. Artist, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Amy Hammond, draws on the materiality of lomandra, using intricate brush strokes to emulate the colour and texture of the garaarr in her canvas works.

Yinarr Maramali is a Gomeroi women's business dedicated to supporting Community and Country wellbeing through their weaving practice. Based in Tamworth, Yinarr Maramali is a cultural hub and place of learning as artists weave their stories through handwoven creations and artworks.

The name ‘Yinarr Maramali’ means ‘made by Gomeroi women’s hands.’

This exhibition is the Koskela Gallery’s final exhibition of the year and also coincides with NAIDOC Week! To celebrate NAIDOC Week we are hosting a colouring in competition with Yinarr Maramali, which kids 12 and under can enter. We also collaborated with Yinarr Maramali to develop our 2020 Christmas theme, which is designed to lift the spirits after a particularly challenging year.




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