What makes Rrres rugs so special?

There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to Rrres rugs! Their vibrant patterns and contemporary shapes speak to the fusion of traditional practices and modern interpretations at play in Oaxaca, Mexico. The traditional making process of these contemporary rugs, handed down by Zapotec weavers has been incorporated into the somewhat, utopian business model of Rrres. A name that means nothing, and therefore embodies the concept of equality where there are no labels and no owners. Instead, Rrres hero’s collective work between Zapotec weavers, cultures and heritage.

The rugs go through a five-stage making process which relies on the care and time of the makers. The effort and love that goes into each process is palpable through the vibrance of patterns and beauty of the finished product.

1. Washing

    The first step of the making process is to wash the wool! This is done by hand then strung out to dry in the heat of the sun. The drying process usually takes a full day! 

    2. Dyeing

      Once the wool is dry, it is placed into tubs of dye and hand stirred and churned until evenly coated. Each colour must be dyed separately and requires a full day to develop the right tone.

      3. Shuttle

        To shuttle is the process of rolling out the wool through this wheel machine to create a fine thread, suitable for the pedal loom. Just like the dyeing process, each colour needs to be prepared separately. 

        4. Weaving

          Once all the threads and colours have been prepared, they are taken to be set up on the Loom. Preparing the warp threads (the ones which run lengthwise) takes anywhere from two to three days depending on the desired size of the rug. Once this is all set up, the artisan starts to weave by continuously changing the foot pedals on the loom.

          5. Cleaning

            The final stage of the process is to brush out any dirt from the rug that's clinging to the wool. The makers are so precise in this process that they will often use tweezers to remove any bits of dirt which are particularly stubborn.

            It is clear through this time and resource-heavy process that each rug is made with meticulous care and love. No two patterns are the same as they uniquely reflect the inspiration and design of the artisan maker in the weaving stage. Each artist portrays their personal interpretation of the Oaxacan way of life, impressive landscapes and vibrant colours. They masterfully encapsulate the movement and culture of Oaxaca through contemporary designs across the very traditional medium of pedal loom weaving. 

            Rrres has a direct relationship with the makers to ensure fair pay and compensation for their artisan skills. At Koskela, we want to help deliver goods which not only enhance the home but are made under an ethical business model.

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