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We've hand selected a range of Australian made contemporary rugs made by local artists. Browse our collection of contemporary rugs now!

Designed and crafted by local Australian artists and global artisans, our range of contemporary rugs is unique and spectacular. Bring colour, personality, and warmth into a room with a high-quality modern rug without having to replace or change any major furnishings. From thin runners to medium-sized mats and room-wide rugs, our collection has been hand-picked to suit any room. 

Intricate detail and exquisite fabrics

From 100% soft cotton to hemp, and woven vinyl, all of our modern floor rugs are hand-woven by weavers around the world. We stock contemporary rugs from Rrres — a design studio based in Oaxaca Mexico. Each rug is handmade by artisans using the traditional techniques of their region. 

Then there the kilim rugs from Miniknots in Western Turkey — each an original and singularly unique piece. Using traditional weaving techniques, Miniknots brings colourful and familiar motifs alive from the world around us. Lively and textural, these rugs are a beautiful addition to a child’s bedroom.

We also stock a range of flat-weave modern rugs from North India. Tantuvi reinterprets traditional patterns and weaves of the region to help sustain the artisans and preserve their intimate traditions of handspun, dyed, and woven cottons and silks. Each rug can take up to 10 weeks to produce. 

Pay attention to each rug to see the unique imperfections that are characteristic of handmade rugs and make them even more special. 

Discover our range of modern rugs in Australia

With so many different styles, sizes and shapes, there’s a modern rug for every room in our collection. Place your order online and your items will be sent immediately or enjoy our hassle-free store pick-up option from our showroom in Rosebery, Sydney. 

Bring colour and warmth to your home with a unique modern, vintage, or Morrocan rug today. Learn more about our values and explore our entire collection of contemporary rugs online.

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