Weaving workshop with Numbulwar Numburindi Arts

To mark and celebrate National Reconciliation Week, Koskela have teamed up with Numbulwar Numburindi Arts to offer two virtual weaving workshops.  

Shopping bags

Shopping bags




  • 27th May (Thursday) 6pm-7:30pm  
  • 29th May (Saturday) 10:30am-12pm  

How Much

  • $71.50   



What does it include?

  • A weaving kit mailed out in advance which includes
    • 1 x needle
    • Enough raffia to make a small basket
  • An hour and a half virtual session with fibre artists from Numbulwar Numburindi Arts


    Reconciliation Australia’s theme for 2021 is More than a word: Reconciliation Takes Action, urges the reconciliation movement towards braver and more impactful action.  

    Through the act of a weaving workshop, we hope to create active dialogue and education between Numbulwar Numburindi Arts and our customers.


    Numbulwar Numburindi Arts is a new art centre partner for Koskela. The relationship was recently launched with the exhibition, Wuladhi Ruluj, a sustainable collection of woven works and collaborative lighting which is currently on display at the Koskela Gallery.  

    Located off the East coast of the Northern Territory, Numbulwar Numburindi Arts is built on self-determination and exists to keep Culture strong. The artists harvest ghost nets and reclaimed fishing nets from their shores to create sustainable woven works.