Warlukurlangu Jukurrpa

Koskela has proudly collaborated with Rosie Nangala Flemming from the Warlukurlangu Art Centre in Yuendemu to create two very special pieces of stationery, a limited edition gift wrap and seeded gift tag.

Koskela licenced the print Warlukurlangu Jukurrpa (Fire country Dreaming) by Rosie Nangala Flemming, which tells the story of the fire country which lies to the west of Yuendumu. The story was printed onto gift wrap, and gift tags made from seeded paper that could be reused: soaked and planted to grow a beautiful Swan River Daisy. In addition to a license fee, Koskela paid royalties to the artist and the Art Centre. A gold coin donation for the use of the paper went towards The Purple Truck, a not-for-profit that supports Indigenous dialysis patients living in remote communities.

Rosie Flemming Nangala is a senior law woman in the Yuendumu community and founder of the Warlpiri Women’s Museum at Yuendumu in the 1970’s. Now in her sixties, she is senior custodian of a Bird Dreaming which she often depicts in her paintings, as well as Water and Butterfly Dreamings. Her work has been shown in the Centre’s exhibition at the Blaxland Galleries and she has since painted a major commission for Telecom. Rosie travels back and forth between Alice Springs and Yuendumu, living in both places.


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