Top 5 tips on growing edibles

At Koskela we are big believers in growing a bountiful garden that feeds the belly and the soul.

After setting up shop at our Rosebery warehouse in 2011 we quickly got to work transforming a section of the carpark into a lush urban paradise.

Now overseen by Byron at Urban Growers, produce from this garden supplies our neighbours at Three Blue Ducks and patrons can dine alfresco in the Mediterranean-inspired courtyard.

We stock a range of garden products to help you make the most of your outdoor space, whether it’s big or small. For a little extra inspiration we asked Byron for his top five tips on growing an edible plot of your very own.

  1.  You need SUN, at least 6 hours but you really can’t have too much when it comes to growing food. Annual herb and veg plants grow fast and die young so they need good sun + food + water.
  2. After sun, the SOIL is your next focus. If you're buying potting mix for pots and planter boxes, spend a little extra for premium. Good soil will make all the difference to your gardening success.
  3. Taking the time to MAINTAIN to your garden will offer you some downtime after work and the opportunity to harvest of some fresh herbs or leafy greens.
  4. DESIGN your garden to suit your lifestyle. Grow what you eat and take pride in the appearance and health of each plant.
  5. EAT what you grow and experiment with all the interesting varieties you don’t find at the store. Share your wins with friends and enjoy a meal prepared and inspired by some of your own produce.
    Ashley Natasha Jones

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