The Story Belonging to Us

Tangentyere Artists, Yarrenyty Arltere
The Story Belonging to Us
10 November - 24 December, 2018 

Koskela is proud to present The Story Belonging to Us, new works from Tangentyere Artists and Yarrenyty Arltere, both Alice Springs-based Aboriginal-owned Art Centres.

Resulting from a workshop at Tangentyere Artists in October 2018, these 20 ink paintings on paper depict town camp life, family time and the artists’ memories of country. Camp dogs, cowboys, bush picnics, roos and party chooks all come to life, presenting a powerful, positive story of home and place. The Story Belonging to Us

Artist Grace Robinya loves to celebrate Christmas, and has painted a festive scene around the tree. She describes the work: ‘This is Christmas time. Everyone dancing - kids dancing, and men and women dancing, and little boys and girls dancing together. Big Christmas Tree covered in different coloured baubles, you know kids they love to see Christmas trees? Pretty one!'

Trudy Inkamala develops her renowned illustrations of family units: husbands and wives, and siblings all going out hunting, sitting at the waterhole and taking in the ‘bush and birds’, whilst Roxanne Patrick’s joyful ‘party chooks’ romp across the paper.

Six paintings on canvas by Doris Thomas, Sally M. Mulda, Nyinta Donald and Grace Robinya complete the exhibition.


Many wonderful stories arise out of the sometimes difficult conditions of the Town Camps for those who take the time to look and listen. And we are very pleased to be able to share them with you to show that Town Camp homes are important places in which real people live their lives, positive places, worthy of the respect that any person and their home deserves.

— Tangentyere Artists

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