Residential architecture project with Studio Prineas

Koskela is proud to present a collaborative project facilitated by our Interior Consultant, Harriet Farrah through her relationship with the residential architecture firm, Studio Prineas. Koskela furniture, ceramics and rugs were specially selected by Studio Prineas to feature in their recently completed home renovation project. The client/homeowner, Liz as well as the founder of Studio Prineas, Eva-Marie Prineas were generous enough to both engage in an interview with us about the project.

This article reveals the meticulous process that goes into designing and furnishing a space based on its architectural style, materials and the process of integrating these design elements with the client’s tastes. The interview provided an insightful glimpse into the conceptual processes involved in the design journey, as well as some hot tips around interior trends to look out for! 

Studio Prineas is a residential architecture firm based in Rushcutters Bay, Sydney. It was started by Eva-Marie Prineas in 2004. Her background and passion for heritage conservation and sustainable design forms the basis of Studio Prineas’ philosophy. Eva-Marie worked closely on this project with the client, Liz and her family, to create a design solution which both transformed and honoured the bones of the home. 

The brief was to hero the home’s Federation-era façade whilst incorporating a contemporary addition to the back of the house. The duality between both sections was made salient through the delicately glazed link between spaces. The physical process of walking through the link and looking out to the blooming Australian natives in the courtyard helps the viewer to re-set, and be transformed into the contemporary and playful extension.

The new addition results in playful volumes at the rear relating in form, but distinct in materiality. The lofty spaces created to match the grand scale of the Federation-era rooms in the original home.” – Eva-Marie Prineas

The selection process for the client, Liz, around choosing which architectural firm to work with rested heavily on her alignment to their architectural style. Liz valued contemporary design which didn't sacrifice on a cosy and homely feeling. Studio Prineas' portfolio of work set them apart as a clear choice. However, it was the client's connection with Studio Prineas' founder, Eva-Marie that really sealed the deal.

Eva-Marie had a practical understanding of what we were looking for with two small children” – Liz

As a result, Liz and her family were able to relax, and let Prineas take the lead, trusting that the finished product would be a true reflection of their tastes and needs. However, something that Liz and her family weren't willing to budge on, was function and practicality in design that enhanced their family life. As a result, Koskela furniture was featured heavily throughout as it catered to both the family's practical needs as well as their aesthetic aspirations. 

We think that furniture and décor can bring home renovations to life. As we continue to furnish our home, we see how much difference it makes to the whole look and feel of every room.” – Liz

A core value close to Prineas’ heart is sustainability in design; therefore, they always select locally made materials and furnishings when they can.

We chose furnishings from Koskela because it supports Australian designers, makers and artists, therefore, it’s always a go-to for us.” – Eva-Marie Prineas

For the showcase of the home, Prineas selected a Koskela Quadrant Soft Sofa, a mix of handmade ceramics for the kitchen and a Brolga Armchair and contemporary rug for the living room area. Prineas believes that the three key factors to creating a sense of warmth and character to a space are furnishings, textiles and artworks and that when combined successfully, they have the power to transform a house into a welcoming home.

However, furnishing selection isn’t something that happens overnight! It’s a layered decision-making process, fostered through the relationship and understanding of the client, combined with a deep understanding of what works with the materials, colours, form and textures of the interior space.

Our final question for Prineas probed Eva-Marie for any upcoming interior trends to watch out for, with Spring only a few weeks away, there were no surprises in her response to embrace colour!

It’s really great to see a lot of colour coming back! For so long people were reticent about colour and there’s more of an open attitude to trying new ideas and not doing things in a standard way.” – Eva-Marie Prineas

Eva-Marie attributes this shift towards colour to our ability to visually connect to a range of outside influences beyond our neighbours and friends. This is very much facilitated through apps such as Pinterest and Instagram which allow the average person without a design background to extend their design vocabulary. Through this, Eva-Marie claimed that it has become easier for them as an agency to steer their clients into braver directions when it comes to an injection of colour in their space!

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