It's what's inside that counts

Ugly packaging for a bright future

We know that our packaging can sometimes look a bit less than shiny and glossy, but there's a really good reason why. In our effort to reduce our carbon footprint and minimise all unnecessary waste, we reuse any existing packaging we get from our suppliers and repurpose it to pack your order.

At Koskela we believe that there is no point in using more energy and resources to create a shiny new box that will end up in landfill. On average, making a plastic bag has a carbon footprint of 200-400 grams of CO2 and a cardboard box has a carbon footprint of around 100 grams and above. Plus plastic is made from fossil fuels and often ends up in our natural environment where it doesn't ever break down.

Ugly packaging… BUT wrapped with beautiful tape, made with FSC-Certified crepe paper

And for smaller products that need to be shipped with Australian post, we use Noissue Custom Kraft Mailers, made from 100% FSC-certified recycled paper, and compostable after use.

This means that 100% of the raw materials used are from recycled paper materials and have been used already, no virgin wood pulp involved.

They are also 100% home-compost friendly, breaking down fully in 180 days.

It’s all about circularity. Compostable packaging breaks down into nutrient-rich material, that can be used as a fertiliser to improve soil health and strengthen environmental ecosystems.

Both our mailers and tape are printed using soy-based inks.

Since we started our plastic and packaging free home delivery service in January 2021 we've delivered over 2,514 orders without using any plastic or packaging!

For Sydney local deliveries, we avoid packaging all together when we hand deliver your order. Since we started our plastic and packaging free home delivery service in January 2021 we've delivered over 2,514 orders without using any plastic or packaging! If we assume that each of these deliveries would have had a box and plastic wrap, that means we've saved tonnes of carbon from entering the atmosphere by offering this service.

Now that really is an unboxing experience worth sharing!

Koskela's ugly packaging

Koskela's ugly packaging

Koskela's packaging-free local delivery service


We’ve started with sustainable packaging ... but the journey ends with you.

Correct disposal is equally as important as sustainable manufacture, and it’s ultimately down to you how this packaging story ends.