How to style your home like a stylist

Koskela furnished and styled a premium home listing in the trendy Sydney suburb of Newtown.

The home boasts a federation style façade with a modern and spacious interior. Designed by Steve Koolloos MCK Architects, the beauty is truly in the details.

The premium Newtown home was freshly renovated and yet to be enjoyed by occupants. Our resident Home Consult, Harriet was tasked with the challenge to create a homely and warm atmosphere in a house that had never been lived in. 

To find out how she tackled such a challenge with inspiring success, along with how to style your home like a stylist, read our interview with Harriet.

What was your first impression of the Newtown home?

First impression was its size. Internally, it has been divided into some smaller areas so it was a challenge to see how each space would function whilst still making sense to a potential buyer.

How did you interpret these impressions when selecting furniture and homewares to style the house?

Imagining how someone would live in the space helped make the furniture decisions. Where would you want to look whilst working from home? Where would everyone be drawn to if you had guests? 

What are your top three styling hacks anyone could do in their home?

  1. Keep it simple. Choose the things that bring you joy and let them do the talking.
  2. Plants. Always choose appropriately and be realistic with the time you have to nurture them.
  3. Play with textures. I always make sure there are both hard and soft elements in a space to make it more interesting.

Can I add another? Symmetry doesn't often come up well. Don't be scared to follow your instinct when it comes to placing objects/furniture. 

Sometimes the accidents are the things that look the most authentic.

What’s your favourite style of architecture?

I don't think I could name a particular style of architecture as a favourite but anything that sits lightly on the landscape and compliments its surroundings, is experimental in its design and sustainability and is fit for purpose is good in my books!

What would your dream home look like?

My dream home would probably have a view of the ocean or some mountains, lots of light, a heart-beat-skipping connection to the outside and would be easy to keep clean 

How important is sustainability and a brands ethos to you when selecting furniture and homewares?

There are so many opportunities in designing sustainably that furniture makers and artisans are making the most of. The selection process is so much more exciting when you can learn about new ways of doing things that consider our fragile environment. And how lovely that something you love could also be doing the world some good?!

If you’d like a little more help, why not make a complementary virtual Home Consult appointment with Harriet herself? She is a trained interior designer and can help you select a range of furniture, art, textiles or homewares which help transform a house into a home.

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