Book a Free Interiors Consultation

Re-imagine your home with an Interiors Consultation catered to your style, budget and space. As we're on the move to our new location, we are exclusively offering virtual appointments with our qualified Interior Stylists. 

Interior Consultations are a hassle-free and complimentary session designed to take the stress our of re-decorating.  They sift through fabric samples, navigate custom builds and concepts so you can sit back and enjoy your dream space come to life.

The team are well versed in everything Koskela, including our extensive Environmental and Social Impact certifications, along with insightful stories about the artists and art centres we partner with. 

It's a simple three part process. 

Architect: @carterwilliamson_architects / Build: @sfn_constructions / Client & artist @cathestack

Architect: @carterwilliamson_architects / Build: @sfn_constructions / Client & artist @cathestack

Step 1. Make an appointment

Book in a time that suits your schedule using our handy booking portal. To help us see your vision, we’ll need you to fill out a brief questionnaire and submit any reference images or areas of your home you're interested in refreshing.

2. Meet your Consult 

The time has come to meet your Interior Consult. This introductory session will help our consults further explore your design aspirations and goals to create a custom concept. Things like timelines, budgets, fabrics and style are important factors to consider before this session.

3. Custom concepts 

Our amazing Interior Consults will draft several design concepts for you to choose from based on your needs, style and budget. This is where the magic really happens and we help bring your vision to life. 

Then the rest is up to you, but remember, this is an entirely free service, so why not make a booking today? 

Meet the team

Harriet has a wealth of experience as an interior designer in both the residential and commercial spheres. With her extensive network of interior designers and architects, Harriet is on the pulse of upcoming trends and hacks in the residential space. We're so glad that her passion for sustainable design led her to our enviro-conscious, Australian-made business. 

Harriet is a thoughtful and considered designer who brings a beautiful balance of colours and textures in her approach. We love working with Koskela to add an extra layer to our projects, drawing on their carefully curated suite of sustainable and ethically sourced furnishings.

Aileen Sage Architects

As a stylist with a background in interior design, fashion and art, Marnee’s understanding of the design process is extensive. Having worked across end to end home renovations and builds before joining Koskela in 2019, Marnee knows the importance of space planning and likes to think of styling interiors as her superpower. She believes that a space created out of consideration for ethical and sustainable pieces, will possess added vibrancy and a sense of connection and has found this to be at Koskela’s design heart.

Marnee, you have been so understanding and dedicated in ensuring I had nothing but the couch of my dreams - which I do. Your patience, customer service and willingness to stick your neck out has resulted in a completely satisfied customer with nothing but respect and thanks for our Koskela experience. 

Interior Consult Customers: Catherine & Paul

Kyah brings a fresh perspective to interior design through her passion for sustainability, quality and function. She loves translating customers' unique style and interests into beautifully curated design concepts. One of the reasons Kyah joined the Koskela team was because of our pioneering approach to design and sustainability, which she is excited to bring to homes across Australia. 

Fabric samples

Fabric samples

Koskela respects that we’re in a changing landscape with COVID-19 and will dynamically update our approach to consultations depending on the regulations set by the government. However, we will always ensure a clean space to visit and encourage customers to opt for virtual consultations if they’re feeling at all under the weather when we eventually open up.