Bushfire Crisis: Helping Native Wildlife

In response to the Australian bushfire crisis Koskela pledged to donate 10 percent of January sales to accredited bushfire relief charities.

We are proud to announce that we raised $14,239 and have elected to give the funds to the Nature Conservation Council. This registered charity acts as the voice for nature in NSW. They are urgently fundraising to provide nest boxes for wildlife that have lost their natural homes due to the extreme bushfires.

Small mammals like sugar gliders and possums depend on tree hollows for protection and to raise their young. But with so many hollows destroyed in the fires, many will fall prey to feral animals like cats and foxes if they can’t find shelter soon.

With your help we have been able to provide the equivalent of 290 flat-pack nest boxes, or 92 heavy-duty nest boxes. This will help vulnerable wildlife recover and restore the biodiversity of the bush! 

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who shopped with us during the month of January.