2020 Social Impact Report

In honour of Reconciliation Week, Koskela is proud to release our Social Impact report for 2020. This year’s theme is ‘More than a word, Reconciliation takes action’. Koskela is proud to embody this theme everyday through our business.

In 2020 Koskela forged new partnerships with NSW artists, expanding our commitment to celebrate and communicate the diversity of First Nations arts and cultures.

Koskela began our social impact work in 2009 and has embarked on countless collaboration projects with First-Nations artists and Art Centre partners. In 2020 we achieved a major milestone: returning over $1 million to these communities.

“When we embarked on our first Impact project in 2009, reaching a goal of creating $1mil worth of income for our First Nation's artists and Art Centre partners seemed a long way off. It is a very proud moment for Koskela to have exceeded this goal and shows that even a small Australian company can have an impact and make a real difference with commitment and the right motivation.”

Koskela Co-founder & Director Sasha Titchkosky