A soft-landing spot for teams to plug-in and play. Jacob is a family of booths from Koskela’s WorkHub collection that offer quiet sanctuary to connect and collaborate within an open-plan office. 

Upholstered panels are the cocooning walls of Jacob booths, which are supported by an elegant steel base. These cushion panels are an effective buffer and very little noise gets in or out. It’s peaceful and comfortable inside a Jacob booth: a place to focus without any distractions. 

Opt for the technical package to dial in people from further afield, seeing and hearing them with incredible clarity. 

Looking ahead, Jacob is a smart investment. The range has been designed with removable covers so it can be maintained onsite over time. Need to accommodate for change? Unlike fixed meeting rooms, Jacob can be reconfigured and moved. 

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Made In Australia

Made In Australia

8 Week Lead Time

8 Week Lead Time

Removable Covers

Removable Covers

7 Year Warranty

7 Year Warranty

With 21-years in the industry, Koskela understands workplace furniture and design. Chat to us about solutions tailored to your needs.

Acoustically tested and proven to halve noise. Tune out distractions and find your team’s frequency.

Better For The Environment

Better For The Environment

Better For The Environment

When designing Jacob, Koskela’s industrial designers took on the challenge of making Jacob’s components repairable or replaceable, so the product can be maintained and last much longer. A major innovation is the removable covers, which is a unique feature for this type of product within the market. Easily removed, the covers can be regularly dry-cleaned and after several years replaced, to keep the product looking like new. 

As an organisation Koskela is Climate Active Carbon Neutral. In effect, the activities association with running the Koskela organisation have no net impact on the environment. As part of our certification the carbon embodied in the materials and freight for all Koskela products, including the Jacob booths, is carbon offset.

Made Right Here
Right Now

Made Right Here<br>Right Now

Made Right Here
Right Now

Over our 21-year history, Koskela has developed trusted relationships with Australian manufacturers. Not only are we proud to support local jobs, but we also don’t compromise on labour conditions. The skilled craftspeople who make our furniture are fairly remunerated and we stand by their work with a 7-year warranty. 

Manufacturing onshore also means we can make and deliver Jacob much faster – just 8 weeks – the fastest lead time in the market. Two times faster* and 25 percent less expensive* than building a meeting room from scratch.

*Compared to a fixed, 4-person meeting room with standard finishes.


Products in the Jacob range have a Measured Insertion Loss between (dBA) 8.0 and 9.9, which in layman’s terms means noise transmission is reduced by 50 percent. 

The noise reduction is achieved by the upholstered panels that are the cocooning walls of every Jacob booth. A standard panel is 1500mm-high and approximately 75mm-thick. Inside are two rigid boards that reflect sound, cushioned by soft foam that absorbs sound. This dual barrier means very little sound can pass through – background noise cannot enter, and meeting noise cannot escape. 

As well as reducing sound, Jacob’s upholstered panels block out visual stimuli. Choose from a range of fabrics that provide a soft and tactile backdrop to soothe the senses. With almost all distractions removed, it’s easy to concentrate on the task at hand.

Essential to the success of the post-pandemic workplace is bridging the digital divide. While physical spaces can be reconfigured for collaboration, there remains a need to engage with people who are working remotely. When cleverly integrated, technology can seamlessly connect the physical and digital. 

Jacob booths can be specified with power, data and AV that enables people to plug-in and play. Concealed cabling is wired to the source. Built-in power boxes can offer a range of connections. Koskela is also working with a specialist AV partner to offer a package catered to booths with a UHD screen and camera, plus a full range speaker. 

As part of Koskela’s aftercare program, hardware can be updated when the technology advances. Wired up and optimised for virtual meetings, Jacob is a smart piece of furniture that enormously enhances the experience of collaborating with people near and far. For any companies grappling with a disjointed hybrid workplace, this solution can bridge the gap.

Koskela takes responsibility for minimising the environmental impacts of our products throughout their lifetime. Jacob booths have been designed with repairable or replaceable components so the product can be maintained rather than thrown out.

A major innovation is the removable covers. Easily taken off, the covers can be regularly dry-cleaned and eventually replaced to keep the product in optimal condition. As part of Koskela’s aftercare program, our maintenance team can regularly check the Jacob onsite and manage its servicing.

If circumstances change and the Jacob is no longer of use, speak to Koskela about second-life options. We will do whatever we can to find the product a new home or reuse the components to make a new product.

Select from a range of finishes and materials for the Jacob. Download the finishes and materials guide. Also available is a technical package that optimises Jacob for the hybrid workplace.

Many companies are grappling with how to reconfigure their office for this new way of working. With a disparate workforce it is increasingly difficult to foster a sense of community and culture and there is a fear innovation and advancement is being left behind.

Koskela has 21-years’ experience designing furniture solutions for the workplace. Our expert consultants can work with various stakeholders to formulate a future-proof workplace. Fit for purpose, Koskela’s WorkHub™ collection of products is a quick and easy solution to enhance the office experience for an entire organisation.

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Jacob Phone Booth 1380L x 1080D x 1900H
Jacob Meet 4 person 2265L x 2510D x 1450H
Jacob Retreat 6 person 2825L x 2510D x 1450H
Jacob Collaboration 5 person 2395L x 2335D x 1450H


Revit families are available for the Boobook. For access email: