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A screening system that can be configured countless ways.  

This product was developed to help companies reimagine their offices post-pandemic. In this new era, people are dividing their time between home and the office. Coming into the office is an opportunity to collaborate, and Boobook is a quick and easy solution to leverage this opportunity. 

Boobook portable office screens takes its name from the Australian owl, which by evolutionary design flies almost silently. With the design of Koskela’s Boobook, we used materials diverted from landfill to build a sound and visual barrier that makes it easier for teams to collaborate without disturbing co-workers. Include the optional technical package to dial in the rest of parliament*. 

Australian made and delivered in just 8 weeks, this modular system can transform open floorspace into a configurable space that connects people and fosters collaboration. 

*Fun fact: parliament is the collective noun for a group of owls. 


Boobook - Work

Lead Time
8 weeks

Product Features

Woolly Walls

Koskela started the design of Boobook with a material: woolpack. It's a biproduct of the sheep’s wool industry; microscopic fibres that escape processing are compounded to produce a biodegradable lining, commonly used for packaging.

We figured this sustainable material could be used for furniture applications, too. Koskela’s industrial designers developed a doona, lined with woolpack, that is the soft and sound-absorbing part of the Boobook screen. Thick padded walls are a cosy backdrop for team members to get in the zone.

Easy to remove, the doona can be regularly dry-cleaned and after several years replaced, to keep the product looking like new.

Giving Bottle Tops A New Meaning

Cosied underneath the doona is a vibrantly coloured sheet made from a mix of plastic bottles and caps, collected through kerbside recycling.

This material is called Replas, and it acts as a sound reflector. So not only does Boobook block out visual distractions, but it also stops noise escaping so team’s can get animated without interrupting the office.

Purpose-designed for collaboration, Koskela is proud to offer this workplace solution made using materials that don't cost the earth.


The Boobook screen has a 5.1 Measured Insertion Loss (dBA), which means there is a clearly noticeable reduction in noise transmission.

The noise reduction is achieved by a dual barrier, that reflects and absorbs sound waves. To reflect sound, we needed an expansive and hard surface. Rather than using a manufactured building material like particleboard, we utilised a 100 percent recycled plastic material called Replas. To absorb sound, we needed a soft and textured solution. Koskela’s industrial designers developed a doona lined with woolpack, a material that utilises microscopic wool fibres otherwise wasted by the sheep’s wool industry.

As well as reducing noise, the Boobook screen blocks out visual stimuli. The doona is available in a range of fabrics that provide a soft and tactile backdrop to soothe the senses.


Essential to the success of the post-pandemic hybrid workplace is bridging the digital divide. While physical spaces can be reconfigured for collaboration, there remains a need to engage with people who are working remotely. When cleverly integrated, technology can seamlessly connect the physical and digital.

Boobook can be specified with power, data and AV that enables people to plug-in and play. Concealed cabling is wired to the source. Outlets can offer a range of connections. Koskela is also working with a specialist AV partner to offer a package catered to small meeting spaces with a UHD screen and camera, plus a full range speaker. As part of Koskela’s aftercare program, hardware can be updated when technology advances.

Wired up and optimised for virtual meetings, Boobook is a smart screening system that enormously enhances the experience of collaborating with people near and far. For any companies grappling with a disjointed hybrid workplace, this solution can bridge the gap.

Product information


  • Base is steel, powder coated in your choice of the standard colours
  • Dowels are finger-jointed pine, whitewashed
  • Substrate is Replas (recycled plastic)
  • Doona is Woolpack (recycled wool) and your choice of fabric


  • Commercial grade fabric
  • Power and USB integration
  • AV package add on

Contact sales@koskela.com.au to talk about customising this piece.

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In the eastern states and territories of Australia (NSW, ACT, VIC & QLD) the lead time in 8-10 weeks. For all other states and territories, the lead time is 10-12 weeks. This lead time is for standard products only. 

Koskela has a faster lead time than average because our products are made in Australia. If you need products in a hurry, just give us a call and we can see what can be done. Or check out the ready-to-ship range, which is available now.  

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Koskela furniture can be delivered anywhere in the world and shipping will be calculated when you place an order.  

Koskela has an in-house Project & Product team who will manage your delivery; providing Estimated time of Departure (ETD) updates and working with an organisation’s facilities manager or equivalent to ensure the process is as smooth as possible. 

For delivery and installation, Koskela uses reusable packaging, which we remove from site to keep using. 

We recognise that the long-term durability of Koskela’s furniture is a critical success factor for your project. Throughout Koskela’s 7-year Warranty, if you do require assistance or maintenance, reach out to us and we can visit site and perform a Maintenance Service.  

During the visit, our skilled Maintenance team will ensure you are happy with the installation. If any structural defects become apparent during a Maintenance visit, the team will rectify the issue on the spot, or lodge a job and organise its repair within 30 days.  

We will create a Maintenance report for you, which itemises your Koskela furniture and makes recommendations for refurbishments that occur due to wear and tear. Ongoing maintenance will improve and extend the quality use of your furniture. 

At the core of Koskela’s enviro conscious policy is our commitment to make high-quality products that last for years and can be repaired if something goes wrong. Our products are designed to be the highest standards of quality and functionality. While we believe our furniture will last as long as possible, if something does go wrong, we are here to help.

All Koskela products are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship under conditions of normal and proper usage for 7 years from the date of purchase—this warranty transfers to whoever owns the product. After this time, if something does go wrong, you can contact Koskela customer service and we’ll let you know if we can fix it for a reasonable cost.

Read the fine print of our warranty policy.

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