Why buy office furniture when you can subscribe to it?

In today’s hybrid world where workplace designs need to be more adaptable than ever, and with lease terms shrinking, it is urgent to break the fast furniture cycle that harms the environment. 

Buying furniture is expensive, time-consuming, and inflexible. You have to pay upfront, deal with delivery and installation, and worry about maintenance and depreciation. And when your needs change, you're stuck with outdated or unused furniture that takes up space and money.

Which is why 95% of all commercial furniture ends up in landfill. 

But with a Koskela+ subscription, you can get access to high-quality, ergonomic furniture that suits your company. You can choose from a variety of plans and options, and get everything delivered, installed, and maintained for a tax deductible low monthly fee. And when you want to upgrade, downsize, or relocate, you can easily swap or return your furniture without any hassle.

A subscription is the smart way to furnish your office. It saves your capex budget, time, and . It gives you flexibility, convenience, and peace of mind. And it helps you create an inspiring adaptable workplace for your team and clients.

Don't buy office furniture. Subscribe to it today and see the difference.

The world has a Fast Furniture problem.

Who truly wants to own 1,000 desks and chairs and hundreds of sofas? No one. Ever. 

Yet, company continues to buy entire new fit out for their workplace when they move in. But then leave them behind when they move out. 

Here’s why 95% of all commercial furniture end up in landfill.

In today’s hybrid world where workplace designs are less predictable than ever, it is urgent to find a way to break the fast furniture cycle that harms the environment.

And we’ve got a solution.

Instead of designing, making and selling, we want to retain ownership of our furniture for its entire lifetime. While you simply pay to use it.

This is a pivotal circular shift of mindset from ‘ owning to using’. Because you actually don’t need hundreds of chairs, but you need to provide hundreds of your employees something to sit on and work effectively.

And that’s where we can help.

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Meet Koskela+

An all-in-one furniture subscription for commercial fit outs.

Most businesses already subscribe to software, printers, and even plants! Now, we're taking it a step further by offering the opportunity to rent your furniture too.

Our circular model allows you to rent your furniture, providing flexibility and adaptability. With Koskela+, you can change your furniture as your workplace and team evolve. Whether you need to return it, upgrade, downsize, or refresh part or all of it, we've got you covered. And the best part? We proactively maintain it all for a simple monthly subscription fee.

Not only can this address the huge amount of office furniture that goes to waste every year, it is also a more sustainable and affordable alternative to a traditional ownership model

Is a furniture subscription right for you?

Our subscription model is for you if:

  • You want to create appealing workspaces for a hybrid and ever-changing world, and want to be able to evolve your fit-out based on how your needs evolve, or even how your space and team scale up and down?
  • You want well-designed and durable furniture that last, but cannot dedicate teams to deal with
furniture asset management and ongoing maintenance?
  • You want to dedicate your Capex to invest into your business capability, not furniture?
  • You are looking for a cost-effective, hassle-free way to keep your furniture looking as good as new, year after year.
  • You have ESG Targets and are looking for ways to reduce the embodied carbon footprint of
 your space?
  • You are leasing your space and do not want to have to deal with your office fit out at the end
of its life?

The multiple benefits of Koskela + subscription

Koskela+ furniture subscription provides a great opportunity to adapt furniture to suit evolving work and learn environments, giving the user choice in their ways of working. To put it simply: It guarantees access to quality furniture and adaptable fit out, at a lower price. And without the hassle of maintenance. But there are also many other side benefits.

Adaptive solution

Upgrade, scale up or down. Your office fitout is adaptive. Because in a fast-evolving world, who is sure that the furniture they have today will still reflect their needs in 5 or 10 years from now?

Financial Flexibility

In a subscription model, you only pay for the period you use the product and your furniture fit out becomes part of your operational cost (OPEX). So you keep your working capital (CAPEX) available for your core activity, and never pay too much because you only pay for what you are using.

No more massive investments upfront, with related interest fees, instead an all inclusive solution that ends up being more cost-effective, based on the typical lifecycle of workplace fit-outs.

Desirable Space

In the modern hybrid world, workplaces and campuses need to be desirable to attract and nurture on site loyalty ; a space that inspires and makes everyone feel welcome. Koskela’s beautifully crafted design does just that, with its unique 'resimercial' style that blends residential design into the collaborative workplace.

Off balance sheet carbon footprint

With a subscription model, you no longer own the furniture. Therefore, its embodied carbon footprint does not feature on your carbon report, helping you reach your ESG targets. It is also a circular business model, offering 'furniture as a service', known to be virtuous for the planet, as Koskela will deal with the end of life of your fit out, keeping it away from landfill.

Always looking good as new

Koskela + plans include annual on-site maintenance, to proactively check your furniture functionality and aesthetics, and repair, refurbish or replace any items when needed. This way, your furniture always looks as good as new, without the normal wear and tear of time. 

What if something breaks in the meantime? You can request an onsite repair service at any time via the App, by simply scanning the QR code on the product. Our maintenance team will come and repair this free of charge, because the warranty applies to the full term of your contract. Asset management is a standard part of our Subscription plans. With this tool you can easily get an overview and quickly pass on any changes required to the customer portal.

By definition, the design of long lasting furniture delivered via a circular business model will create advantages and benefits to business, customers, and society more broadly.

Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Buy vs Subscribe.

Our subscription plan gives you access to a range of inclusive services that guarantees you absolute peace of mind and potential savings for your business.

Enjoy inclusive services such as space planning, delivery, installation, asset management tools and maintenance - all without hefty upfront investments.

Starting at just $10 per month per square meter, our monthly plans offer comprehensive benefits beyond traditional furniture purchases.

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If you are interested to know more about how Koskela+ can benefit your business while aligning with its values, reach out to us today.

We are excited by the possibilities of this revolutionary circular solution, and hope many companies will embrace this positive change with us.