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Ceramic Table Lamps

Light up your space with contemporary ceramic table lamps that mixes distinct textures and shapes. Browse our collection of table lamps now!

Lovingly designed and Australian-made, our range of unique ceramic table lamps are a stylish addition to the Koskela Homewares Collection. Featuring modern designs and a stylish array of colours, our table lamps are an ideal addition to any room design. Make a bold statement with your homewares by ordering one of our individual handmade pieces.

Bespoke Ceramic Table Lamps for your Home

At Koskela, we believe that furniture can be art and we have used that vision to create a range of beautiful bespoke furniture for more than just the ordinary home. Sustainably designed and ethically produced with a low carbon footprint, our table lamps are the perfect complement to our Social Impact Lighting Collection or can be paired nicely with a pendant light set to bring your room design together. Whether you are looking to warm your bedroom with a soft radiance, or add a new lighting level to your lounge room, a Koskela ceramic table lamp offers the perfect glow.

Unique designs for a special touch

Every house needs those special unique touches that truly make them feel like a home. Having well-crafted lighting features in a room can change the entire perspective adding the illusion of space, brightness, and colour to the area. The addition of a table lamp from our lighting collection will dress up any bedroom, or add a fantastic talking point to any living room. Each of our lamps features a hand-crafted ceramic base which can be glazed in a gorgeous range of colours to fit with your personal décor and style. The finishing touch is a classic linen on/off power switch to complete the design. If you are searching for something a little more unique or specifically to your style, contact us to commission your very own made to order table lamp.