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Pan Pottery

Pan Pottery

Angus McDiarmid of Pan Pottery lives on the shores of Lake Weyba, Noosa Heads, and takes a very low impact approach to his craft.

All Pan Pottery ceramics are crafted from hang dug local clays using a kick wheel. It’s also fired in a traditional wood fire kiln, a labour intensive process, which only a handful of people in Australia can do. The result of each piece is completely unique as the clay and fire determine the finish of the pot.

The wood firing takes place over four days with temperatures reaching over 1300°C. The magic of this process is created by the ash from the wood, as the ash lands on the pots surface it becomes the glaze! Every pot in a wood fire is completely unique!

Our exclusive range of Pan Pottery ceramics include stoneware mugs, plates, bowls, espresso cups, jugs, vases, oil burners, egg cups and moon jars.

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