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Mardawi Lakun - Sisters Weaving. 'Many hands weave together' (Ngarrindjeri Cultural Weavers)

Koskela is proud to introduce a brand new pendant lighting range Mardawi Lakun –Sisters weaving. 'Many hands weave together.’, created in partnership with the Ngarrindjeri Cultural Weavers arts collective.

In the Ngarrindjeri language, the word ‘Lakun’ – weaving – has multiple meanings. Yes, it means the practical skill of weaving – something to use or sell or teach – but it’s also a metaphor for community. It means weaving together people, families and languages.

“I was taught to basket weave 36 years ago by old Aunty Dorrie Kartinyeri,” says Ellen Trevororrow, a prominent member of the Ngarrindjeri Cultural Weavers, in this film clip. “It’s a survival connection. Stitch by stitch, circle by circle, weaving is like a creation of life. All things are connected.”

The new social impact pendant lighting range will showcase the Ngarrindjeri Cultural Weavers’ intricate basket-weaving technique, and the proceeds will go to support local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

“This project is so dear to our hearts,” says Koskela co-founder Sasha Titchkosky. “The Ngarrindjeri Cultural Weavers create such beautiful, detailed pieces, and we’re so grateful that they’ve chosen to work with us on this range.”

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